Dating Scene in Minneapolis expert dating tips
Dating Scene in Minneapolis expert dating tips

Ah, dating. Apart from having to explain the internet to your grandparents, dating is one of the hardest social tasks out there. Between trying to find time for all of the tasks required of an adult in modern day America, finding time to date can be a real challenge. Especially for those of us trying to take care of ourselves and advance in our careers simultaneously. We all get discouraged from time to time, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Dating is difficult whether you’re still single and trying to find someone or trying to keep the romance alive in a current relationship. However, there is a plethora of great opportunities out there for single people! And there are several easy date-night options for those of us trying to keep that spark alive in an existing relationship! Especially in the wonderful urban city of Minneapolis! Here are 5 helpful dating tips for you Minneapolitan’s out there:1)    Keep it Simple- Get a Drink

There is an abundance of local bars to choose from in the city to pick up that ideal partner you desire or to take your special someone for a night out. Not a big drinker? Try out Isles Buns and Coffee for a latte and one of their amazing desert choices sure to sweeten your day. What better way to meet someone new or take a current sweetie of yours out than to get a drink and enjoy some engaging conversation?

2)    Take a Tour of the City

Already with that special someone and looking for a super romantic date idea? Why not take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the city? Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do is be together and take in the beauty of the world around you. This is also a good first date option as the slow moving carriage will give you plenty of time to get to know each other. The driver of the carriage will also work as a guide to show you some of the best destinations in the city. Perhaps he/she will also guide you into the direction of the perfect place to grab a bite after your tour.

3)    Remind Your Partner (or potential partner) You’re Classy

Whether you’re already in a committed relationship or you’re still trying to find that special someone consider checking out one of the many museums Minneapolis has to offer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it, there isn’t a lot more romantic than perfect scenery. Art and nature have a tendency to inspire the soul and will therefore work to inspire romance anywhere they go.

4)    Make Love a Priority

Minneapolis expert dating tips
Minneapolis expert dating tips

Sometimes romance isn’t about fancy locations and elaborate dates, sometimes romance can be found in the oddest of places. Sometimes the most romantic moments happen during a simple walk at the park. For those of you already in a relationship sometimes the most romantic thing is staying in and cuddling on the couch in front of your favorite show. And for those of you still searching for your cuddle buddy sometimes the most romantic first meeting is when you notice them reading your favorite book sitting in the park.

5)    Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether already in a long lasting loving relationship or still searching for your soul mate it is always important to try our best at putting out best self forward. It is true that there is something incredibly wonderful and beautiful about a new level of comfort in a relationship and something endearing about the person who doesn’t seem to care about their appearance. However, we should never stop trying to be the best version of ourselves (especially when we presented this “perfect” version of ourselves in the beginning). I mean, doesn’t your significant other deserve this effort? While a certain level of comfort is expected after being with someone for a while we should still always strive to look our best and to be emotionally open to our partners.

Try one or two (or all) of the above 5 suggestions and see your current love life or future love life flourish. For those of you still struggling with keeping our cool upon getting out there and meeting new people check out How To Eliminate Approach Anxiety for tips on how to cope with this issue.

For those of you nervous about that first date night with your new partner or wanting to be more engaging in your current relationship check out, 4 Steps to Become a Great Conversationalist to ease some of those nerves. For those of you still anxious about dating in general and desire more advice, check out Who Should Pay on a Date? and How to Know the Person You’re Dating is Right for You to ease some of those pre-date jitters. And don’t forget…

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