On a first date, the most important thing is to ensure you are both comfortable and relaxed.  Try to make it be some sort of activity so the focus is not just on each other and trying to make the conversation flow.  I see people out on first dates all the time and it looks just painful.  We want it to be a fun and memorable date to ensure there will be a second one. Lunch, coffee, or drinks are always nice options for a first date.  A coffee and a walk around a park are even better.  It allows for one on one time in a casual and low pressure atmosphere.  A daytime meeting is always a little more informal with lower expectations.

A visit to the local theme park can be great fun.  This allows for the two of you to actually do something while getting to know each other in an entertaining atmosphere.

Art exhibits and museums offer a chance to gain knowledge and get to know your date simultaneously.

Bowling – a fun place to get to know each other while having a little friendly competition.

Wine tasting events – social atmosphere can take the pressure off, but be careful not to drink too much if you don’t want this first date to be the last date.

Aquariums can be a beautiful and exotic environment to get to know your new found friend.

Do a sport together that you both share interest in.  Guys, just be careful not to be unnecessarily competitive.

Don’t be afraid to step outside the normal societal gender roles.  Guys, cook her a nice dinner.  Ladies, take him to the gun or archery range.

Live music - Concerts, or jazz clubs are all great options that allow for interaction with entertainment.

Comedy clubs – when you spend your evening laughing with someone there is an unconscious connection that is memorable in a positive way.

Go Karts – for people who are open to trying anything once and it’s way fun!

Ice skating or rollarskating

Frisbee golf is always a fun activity

Horse drawn carriage ride – have a nice conversation while taking in the scenery

Canoe/kayak/paddle board

Some type of class – yoga, cooking, dance etc. depending on what she is interested in

Some place with a great view for you two to take in while having a conversation and maybe a coffee or tea

The local tourist attraction.  Look online and see what the local tourist recommended things to do are.

A picnic.  Grab some food or snacks and take it somewhere with a view or where you can people watch and keep the conversation flowing

Go for a hike.  Every city has someplace where you can escape to and take in nature.  A hike is a good way to get away from it all and explore a new place together.

Rent bikes and explore the city.  Stop along the way and grab a beverage to chat for a bit to make sure you get to know each other.  Make sure you wait for the other person :)

Skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding

Star gazing – bring bug spray

A Board game – Monopoly is great and some restaurants may have them available

River tubing – Just make sure your date is comfortable with this

Grill or picnic at the pool or beach

Mall – especially good for cold or rainy days

Train ride

Festival –every city has some sort of fair or festival going on.  Check online for your city

Ice cream or frozen yogurt – Yum!

Movies in the park – bring bug spray and snacks

Go sailing if you know how, hire someone to take you, or take a lesson

Dinner cruise

Try the golf range.  Make sure to call ahead and get reservations.  This is probably better than actually playing a round of golf because it’s less expensive and you can determine the amount of time you want.

Take a limo ride around the city.  Check online to find discounts/deals ahead of time.

If your date is into ball games, take him/her to a local event.


Motorcycle ride – Just make sure your date is ok with this and knows in advance to dress appropriately.

A walk through the city to take in the night life and lights.   Good place for people watching!

Go to the batting cages. Not everyone's idea of a great date, but you'll soon find out if your date is easy going or high maintenance.

The zoo!

Fishing.  Just make sure your date is not vegan or would have a problem catching fish even if you release them.

The theatre or play

Botanical Garden – A lot of cities have these.  Check out what’s available in your city.

Flea market or Farmers market

Whatever you decide to do on your first date, just remember the tips of dating and you can honestly say you tried your best to make it great.


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