Night Date ideas in Montana imagesAnyone who has ever lived in or been to the state of Montana knows that the nights are just beautiful.

All the stars in the sky and even the milky way are clear to see.

Summer nights are when most people enjoy buzzing around the city outdoors when dating. They grab a bite to eat and then maybe head on over to The Rims to watch the sun set over the city.

In the winter months, people are more obliged to go shopping or out to dinner and to the movies.

But when it’s really cold, sometimes all that you can do with your date is be indoors and get warm and cozy. No matter when or what the situation... Montana nights have great opportunities for warm and cool romance.

Here are a few ideas for flirty and fun night dates in Billings, Montana:

  1.     Geyser Park to play mini golf, ride bumper cars, and just have fun and flirt!
  2.     Hastings coffee shop and Bookstore…great place to get to know each other.
  3.     Dinner at The Red Door diner and then to a movie! Can’t go wrong there : )
  4.     To the Alberta Bair Theatre for a concert or event.
  5.     Out to one of the various bars in town for some fun and drinks!

(ex. For Billings head to: The Railyard, The Rainbow, Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. etc)


For classy dates at night check out:

  1.     Montana Brewing Co. for high-end drinks and a more sophisticated atmosphere.
  2.     The Rex- This is an upper class restaurant with a bar and a fire pit!
  3.     The Carlin-The #1 Dance club in Billings…very fun. Dress up and Dance!
  4.     Enzo’s Bistro…Fine dining and fine wine…Very romantic european vibe!
  5.     Siam Thai in Downtown Billings, then to The Art Walk, and later maybe some dessert….by then you will both really be feeling each other. It is a date that will titillate the mind and will easily guide conversation while shattering barriers.

cbc6e20be6cd841f7fd7fbd63fab8ac6When thinking of where to take a date at night in Montana just ask yourself what you want out of the experience and it will guide you to the perfect places and scenarios.

Also try to keep in mind what your date would most like to do. Always make sure your date feels comfortable so things get off to a smooth start between the two of you.

Often times for the first few dates a fun and relaxing environment is best.

If you have already gone on a few fun dates then maybe you feel ready to take things up a level by impressing and romancing your date. In that case make sure you set the right mood to take it to the next level desired.

Night dating is the most common time to go on dates, especially on the weekends. If you want to make a memorable time with your love interest then choosing any of the nighttime dating ideas listed in this blog would be a great place to start. So get excited, look good, and feel the love~