Recovering from a relationship can be a lengthy process, but one that is crucial to accomplish in a timely manner so that you can move on to find the future happiness that is surely waiting for you.  Though you may not get all of the answers you’d like from your partner to achieve closure, it’s up to you to heal from within to be able to move toward a more fulfilling life.  

The most important step in the journey forward is to stop comparing the past with the present.  It can be an easy and sometimes soothing state of mind to allow yourself a trip down memory lane, but it’s more important to let go of any pain that lingers in the past and press forward toward the joy and happiness that is still to come with new relationships.  Dwelling in the past and lingering in the pain or nostalgia can have an unwelcome side effect of removing the joy that makes you a vibrant and attractive person in the here and now.  Lean on your friends and family to bring you through the days until you’re back on your feet and feeling the happiness that will bring love to you once again.


Take the opportunity to focus on yourself.  Getting to know yourself again and what makes you happy and confident as a single person will only help in attracting the right kind of partner for the future.  Remember to be good to yourself, and others will treat you in kind.


Once you’re in that new relationship, remember to leave the past where it lies.  You wouldn’t want your new partner comparing you to past relationships, and so the same goes for you.  Though painful, it’s crucial to gain perspective and realize that not all relationships are meant to last.  Some relationships are there to provide the life experiences to set you up for a loving and lasting future.