shutterstock_172096223Creating an online personal profile can sometimes be exhausting. As someone who's had one before, I know it can be a bit of a struggle, from wondering exactly how personable I am, to worrying if the things I like aren't cool enough, and to worrying if my profile picture is good enough to catch another's attention.

I've been where you are right now: scanning lists that tell you how to make a good profile and ones that tell you what to add and what to leave off, and sometimes they aren't the most helpful. I've read articles that came off as rude and abrupt, and even some articles that pushed for people to be egotistical and narcissistic.

These online dating profile tips came out of my experiences with online dating. I hope it helps you in your endeavors.

Five Things to Include in Your Dating Profile

1)  Honesty is the best policy. I'm sure you've heard this before countless times, but if you were meeting someone offline, you wouldn't want them to be dishonest with you right at the start, right? The same applies to your online dating profile. Don't be afraid to express who you are and what makes you, well, you!


2)  You don't have to make your profile "mysterious". If you don't want to include information that is private to you, then you don't have to. However, there's no need to act mysterious. Being straight-forward only means you know what you want. You don't have to cover up who you are by playing a game of clue with a potential man/woman.


3)  Make what you don't like clear. Showing people what you don't like isn't a negative aspect of your profile. It's allowing you to say what you don't like in a person. Knowing what you want is never a bad thing.


4)  Don't worry about being too cliché. So what if you like dogs--nearly half the population in America is a dog-person. Who cares if you enjoy what pop-culture has to offer? The main message in any kind of dating is to be who you are. If you're covering up certain aspects of your joys in life and personality, that's not exactly being you now, is it?


5)  A photo that best describes you. This doesn't mean spending hours taking a selfie, wearing makeup and looking pretty. It might be best to show you among a group of friends, or doing something that you find fun just to give who you're looking for a visual.

Five Things Not to Include in Your Dating Profile

1)  Anything negative. We're all sad sometimes in our lives, but displaying it on your profile won't be as great of an attention-grabber as being positive and showing that you have a great attitude. Being nice also falls into this category. Putting "no losers" on your list of dislikes will push others away from you instantly.


2)  Anything mentioning your ex. If you're on a dating site, chances are it's to move on from past experiences and to gain new ones. If you mention an ex in a positive or negative way, it'll drive away people from talking to you. Talking about exes is fine when you've known a person long enough to be comfortable talking about that.


3)  Your "sex life". Having sex isn't a bad thing, but talking about your past sex moments as if they're "triumphs", or because you think it makes you seem like a better person than anyone else, that ego will push people away. It's also never a good thing to say how good you are at it. Many people will look at that, insult you with a select choice of words, and never look back at your profile.


4)  Personal information like your phone number or home address. Unfortunately, stalkers and people with bad intentions do exist. It's always better to be safe than sorry. If you do find someone you like and want to meet up with them, suggest a neutral location instead of your home if you aren't comfortable with giving that information out right away.


5)  Unnatural expectations like expecting the other person to pay if date happens. You're not going on a date for solely your enjoyment, but to also meet a new person and give them a pleasant night to enjoy as well. Come to a date prepared--showing independence and confidence like this is usually a plus when going on a date.


Have any other ideas or tips? Comment below and share the love :)