Online profile pictures are key if you want to have good results with online dating.  If you're planning on having a photo shoot in order to get better online profile photos, you may want to follow these tips created by April Davis, a Matchmaker at Luxe Matchmaking and also a former model herself.

Before the shoot

  1. Steer clear of busy patterns, which can add pounds and distract.   Also avoid baggy clothes and several layers.
  2. Stay away from black, white, and grey - Color looks so much better.  Check out this site for tips on your colors you should wear - http://makeupandbeauty.com/skin-tone/
  3. Brush, floss, and whiten teeth beforehand.
  4. Make sure your skin is moisturized.
  5. Make sure nails are done and/or clean


During the shoot


  • Do some looking away from the camera both smiling and not.
  • When doing a full or half body shot, point toes sideways, one foot in front of other, with shoulders/head facing camera
  • Chin out and away from neck.  It may feel awkward, but looks better on camera.  You don't want to show a double chin.
  • Don’t press arms against body.  It flattens them out and makes them look bigger.
  • Ideally get 3+ different looks -
    1. Casual (what you'd wear on a date going to play mini golf)
    2. Displaying a hobby/interest or active side outdoors (biking, walking, just being outdoors)
    3. More professional, but in interesting background.  See examples.
    4. Outdoor shots are typically better.  The professional one would make sense to not have nature in the background though.
    5. Take some pictures with friends, but make sure it's not your main image and people can tell who you are.
    6. Stay clear of a bunch of drinking pictures
    7. Landscape/horizontal shots are typically better
    8. Use props and/or things that are important to you.  You could have a photo of you gardening, with an instrument, with your motorcycle or dog, anything that shows your favorite hobbies or things.


  1. Look feminine - Wear a dress and colors.
  2. Make-up - you’ll want to wear more make-up than you normally do.  Use foundation and maybe powder to even out your skin tones.  Be sure to enhance your lips, eyes (eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow), and cheeks.
  3. A little bronzer is ok, but probably don't want to do too much because it can look uneven with the lighting.


  1. If you sometimes have facial hair, feel free to keep it, but bring a razor to shave in between shots.  This way we will have two looks to choose from (with and without hair).
  2. Have a photo where you're not looking at the camera and it looks like your friend just took a snapshot of you from the side or similar to this example.
  3. No pictures of you with dead animals please!