We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been overcome with social anxiety.  If you haven’t you’re one of a lucky few!  Take a few deep breaths and read Cupid’s Cronies top five tips for handling social anxiety.  To learn more click on the links provided below!

1.  Create goals

-It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere with overcoming your anxiety, but make small easy to accomplish goals.  If you go to a party make a goal to talk to three new people, or even just one! Try to talk to two new coworkers a week.  Before you know it the tasks will feel easier and easier.

2.  Fake it until you make it

-Think of the most confident person you know, and embody them.  Whether it’s Beyonce or your best friend, act like they do and you’ll start to actually feel confident.  It may sound ridiculous, but it works!  Sometimes if you take yourself out of your own situation it’s easier to act confident.

3.  Create an exposure hierarchy

-Make a list of the things that make you the most anxious in social settings and try to overcome them starting with the easiest one!  Move up to the harder ones, as you feel more comfortable.  According to Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., this is a great way to approach anxiety.

4.  Try therapy

-Before you completely decide against this tip, it is the best way to overcome social anxiety if you feel that it greatly affects your life.  Over 1/4 of American adults have been to therapy at some point in their lives!  Having a nonjudgmental professional help you with difficult times in your life is a great resource to use, even if you only go for a couple of sessions it can be invaluable.  With time and effort social anxiety can be conquered!

5.  Remember that anxiety is normal

-It’s ok to have anxiety about social situations!  Knowing that it’s a normal feeling, and happens to a lot of people can take away some of your worries.  Talk to your friends about it, it’s more than likely that a few of them feel the same way!  Even just learning about social anxiety can help!

Do you have tips for getting over social anxiety?  Comment below!

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