We should just like someone for who they are on the inside.  It sounds nice, but it’s not the reality we live in.  Physical appearance is the first thing that attracts the opposite sex. I often hear people say that women/men are too shallow, but are they?  The fact of the matter is that we all are... to an extent.  Most people will do a double take when they see a good looking man/woman walk by.  We may wish that everyone else in the world would not be shallow, but we can not help it.  It’s animal instinct.  Think of how some animals will do a dance and fluff their feathers to attract the opposite sex.  The same is true of people.   In order to more easily attract the opposite sex, we should forget about how shallow it is and ensure we are doing our best to look our best.

The way to attack this natural physical attraction thing i.e. shallowness, is to step it up a bit.  If you desire an attractive person, then you probably should be of equal caliber. You can not expect to attract Barbie if you are not Ken and vice versa.  It is not necessary to buy a new wardrobe (unless most of your clothes are a couple years old), but you should put yourself together with some modern pieces of clothing and look neat when meeting people.  It is imperative to be groomed, clean, and orderly.  When you are single, you have more time to work on yourself and I do not just mean physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, etc.  These areas will give you more to work with once the initial impression has been made.

There of course is a point when a person is just too shallow.  We all know those people and, quite frankly, I feel sorry for them.  Those are the people that I will advise to steer clear from.  It is not worth the effort to try to vie for their attention when you have so much more to offer.  It is unfortunate we can not just be deemed desirable based solely on what is inside, but this is reality.  What we can do is be aware of it and do our best to ensure we are presenting our best selves possible.

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