Everywhere you go, there are so many restaurants of different tastes and scalings around Philadelphia that it shouldn’t be difficult to choose one particular for a date night. But perhaps the overwhelming variety of selection makes the decision-making process even more arduous. This compilation of the top date restaurants in  Philadelphia will surely satisfy numerous cravings and taste buds.


Situated in the midst of other buildings, the two-story DanDan stands out in particular for its modernized style and delectable Southwestern Chinese food. The portions are quite generous, and one can taste the classic comfort foods of the Sichuan and Taiwan regions. You can also try the Han Dynasty restaurant, which is owned by the sister of DanDan’s owner, and compare!

heart pasta share food
heart pasta share food


The L’Angolo Ristorante is a small “ristorante” with a cozy atmosphere and cute decor. It’s the perfect medium - it’s not too informal to be a typical hangout, but not too formal to feel like you’re talking business affairs. The food is carefully placed in a simple white plate, which indicates the most standard level of sophistication in a restaurant.

Middle Eastern

Zahav is an upscale restaurant that serves Israeli cuisine. It’s classy with an impressive interior, and the presentation of the dishes and the taste of the food itself reflects its urbanity as well. The menu is extremely diversified, with countless items available for order. Vegetarians are reportedly known to enjoy and approve of the food at this joint, so this is a good spot for those with specific dietary concerns.


Open exclusively for lunch and dinner hours, the Barbuzzo is a classy yet casual place for a date night. The menu has an Italian touch as well, listed with pizzas, pastas, and desserts such as the renown budino. The dim lighting serves as an additional touch to accentuate the romance aspect of the date night, allowing you to fully focus on your partner.


couple_enjoying_beer (1)
couple_enjoying_beer (1)

If you’re not into the mood for eateries of other cultural food, seek comfort food right in the comfort of your own home! Vernick Food & Drink is a high-end diner that is singularly purposed for an evening dine, and the aesthetics of the structure and food heightens the luxurious ambience. The placement of the seats and tables encourages private conversation, which makes the date night much more romantic and contemplative.


2nd Story Brewery may be more well-known for the alcoholic beverages, but the quintessential American food served along with the drinks are underrated, as they are actually phenomenal. The inside is polished and ritzy, which gives it an air of elegance - a necessity to a lovely date.

For a more fun-filled experience filled with games and adventure, head to the Barcade where you can play games, drink beer, and eat finger foods that are appetizing and worth the buy.

The timely dinner date is essential to every couple - new or old. Keep the romance alive  with simplicity and occasional lavishness. Learn how to “break-up proof” your relationship and forever maintain love here.