A lot of people seem to think of summer and winter as the more typical “romantic” seasons. The heat of the summer seems to stand as a metaphor for the “heat” of the sexual chemistry and the coldness of winter seems to make us all think (or perhaps, hope) that someone will want to “keep us warm”. While at one time or another most of us have probably experienced something like these scenarios, they aren’t always the case or the norm. We’ve all also experienced the sweaty grossness of summer that is simply not hot at all and the feeling of being so cold in the winter that you never want to take your clothes off again. So in reality, who’s to say that fall can’t be just as romantic (if not more so) as those romantic summer/winter memories are? In reality every season is romantic for its own reasons. Mild temperatures inspire romantic strolls through the gorgeous changing of the leafs, cozy coffee dates with the sweet aroma of pumpkin spiced lattes in the air, and cuddling up to watch a good movie. In Phoenix, the upcoming cool temperatures opens the door to several outdoor activities that this desert landscape would normally be way too hot to enjoy. Here are 5 examples of great date ideas for the fall months in Phoenix: 1)    Hot Air Balloon Rides

What better way to get some one-on-one time with that special someone in a breath taking environment than to take a romantic hot air balloon ride overlooking the gorgeous desert landscape? Stand in awe of the beauty of the desert from above and of your lover standing next to you.

2)    Go On an Adventure Together

Fall Date Ideas Phoenix
Fall Date Ideas Phoenix

With the cooler weather allowing more outdoor fun, why not rent an ATV and explore the great outdoors with your sweetie? Prove to your lover that you’re the fun and adventurous type with an easy and fun afternoon exploring the glorious desert climate (in the cooler weather).

3)    Relax and Enjoy Each Other

For those of us not feeling as adventurous as the previous examples may require and desire a classier date night option consider checking in for a night at The Westin Kierland resort and spa and enjoying selections from their Scotch Library. Maybe even consider getting a couple’s message in their spa while you’re at it. What a better way to inspire romance than by being relaxed and enjoying your time together?

4)    Enjoy Good Art Together

For those of us still desiring a classy date night option, but don’t have the necessary time and/or funds required for a spa weekend- consider taking an afternoon to visit the Phoenix Art Museum. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- there isn’t a lot better to inspire romance and good conversation than good art. Get closer to your partner by engaging in intelligent conversation while admiring great art.

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5)    Prove Your Creativity

For those of you still left unmoved by any of the above suggestions. Consider proving how fun and creative you can be with the unique and innovative date suggestions in 5 Creative Date Ideas.

Relationships that last require a commitment both to each other and to spending time together. Hopefully these dating ideas have given you some fun plans for your future dates this upcoming fall.

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