Dating is the path to lasting romance, and so it’s with that in mind that we present to you these practical tips to maximize the chemistry in your dating life.  A great first date …  

1)     Is time flexible:

Don’t limit yourself to a specific amount of time for your first date.  Choose an activity that allows the opportunity to duck out politely after 20 minutes if things are not going well.  On the other hand, if the chemistry is flowing, give yourself the option of extending the date to its natural conclusion.  By allowing for flexibility, you’re letting yourself relax with the knowledge that you won’t be trapped into a dinner and movie scenario when you really just want to make an escape.


2)     Allows for proximity:

Plan a date that allows for casual physical intimacy.  A dinner sitting across from one another can quickly devolve into a job interview if you are physically separated across a table.  If you must go to dinner, try sitting side by side to allow for physical interaction and observation of your surroundings.  The intention on a date is romance, and it’s perfectly natural to express that through touch if the connection is right.


3)     Is externally focused:

Going for a walk along a river or through a beautiful neighborhood takes the pressure off of direct conversation.  The talk can flow from observations about your surroundings, and silences won’t feel so uncomfortable when you have beautiful scenery to take in.  The act of physical movement is also a natural way to reduce anxiety surrounding the pressure of a first date.  When you’re physically active, you’re less inside your own head and able to act more naturally as your true self.  You’re also physically burning off any residual nervousness that might be surrounding the anticipation of a new connection.


Other ideas to keep in mind for first date experience:

  • Ladies, don’t be afraid to make the first move and be proactive in dating.  There is nothing desperate or shameful in being confident about what makes you great catch.  By presenting yourself for consideration in dating, you’re showing the world that you value yourself.  Most men will find your confidence undeniably attractive and appealing.
  • Try following up a first date with a simple text in lieu of a phone call.  Sometimes sending a simple text that reads, “You looked beautiful last night,” is more effective than a phone call, which can put pressure on having a drawn out conversation or an immediate response to a compliment.  Take your time to choose your words carefully, and craft those notions that create an aura of thoughtful romance.