You have it all, friends, an awesome career and looks to boot, but you’re missing that significant other in your life. Since you have it all you don’t have as much time to devote to dating as you would have before your career. This blog post is meant to give you some good tips on Professional Singles and Dating.


The first tip we suggest is that you talk to your awesome friends about if they know anyone who is single. This could be one of the easiest less time consuming ideas, if your friends happen to know any successful, perfect men.  If not the suggestions below could be the best answer.

The second tip is to try online dating.  Since you are probably super busy this option could help, just to see what is out there. Most dating websites are free to initially join, like Cupid’s Cronies.

If online dating isn’t your thing then you could consult a matchmaker.  You would give them all the details for who you are looking for, and they would help set you up on dates.  

Another suggestion is to try and plan out your week in advance, so you can put aside some time and effort into finding that special someone.


Even combining outings can save some time, like if you hang out with your friends a lot, try to have a double or group date with someone new.

Or one other option is to cut time somewhere else, so you can have time to go out with someone.

No matter which option you try finding love will take some time, don’t be afraid to ask for help in your busy life.  Check out our facebook page to stay up to date on the latest dating events and tips.