Below I list out 3 types of people to look out for.  Of course there are hundreds more, but these are some of the most common I see.

  1. Mr./Miss Needy – These people are clingy and suffocating.  They may seem alright at first; giving you a lot of attention and affection, but what they want from you in return is - all of you, all of the time.  Their biggest fear is that of rejection and their biggest enemy is anything that takes you away from them.
  2. Mr./Miss Not there – This person may have been in a relationship (or six) that did not end well and may have never received closure.  They may have been hurt and never were able to fully extinguish the resentment that arose in the aftermath.  This person is not capable of giving themself and committing full-heartedly to a relationship.
  3. Mr./Miss Daddy/Mommy-Seeker – This person needs his parent(s), not a boyfriend or girlfriend.  They may love and adore you, but are not capable of doing things that are required of grown-ups.

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