When you are out with friends, initiating and holding a conversation is easy. In fact, it’s as easy as breathing! But what happens when you see an attractive girl come up to you? Chances are, you falter and sputter over your words, almost like Daffy Duck. Don’t be that guy! Instead of looking like a nervous wreck, the tips listed below will help you out. So when you go to talk to an attractive woman, it will be as if you are the Romeo to her Juliet!


Choose the Right Words

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when talking to a woman is choose your words carefully. When you ask a question, make sure there is meaningful behind it! Don’t simply say, “Do you like this club or drink?” These questions can be answered with a simple yes, which are dead-end responses. This leads you down into the pit of rejection with no way out.

Instead, you should ask questions that will get the woman speaking for a while. Bring up topics that you think she will be passionate about. After a woman stops speaking, respond with an intellectual opinion. This brings something to the conversation table, so both you and the woman are not starving for topics to talk about.


Enjoy the Silence

If there is a silence throughout the conversation, don’t worry. Be confident during these periods and don’t just say random things just to keep the conversation going. No woman in their right mind wants a man to talk their ears off! This is downright dumb and annoying.

And, when you are silent, the woman will also fill the need to ask you questions. This lets both of you work equally in terms of bringing about topics to talk about. A man who is confident in his own skin is confident in silence. Women respect this.


Limit Head Nods

To a woman, nothing is worse than a man who sits there and agrees with everything they are saying. Nodding your head will get you nowhere with a woman. They want someone who is active in the conversation, not a mindless fool who says yes to everything the woman says yes to!

You can make the conversation, and night, more interesting by going against the preverbal grain. Disagreeing with a woman may actually strike up a debate. Debates create passion for topics, which creates connections down the road.


Establish a Deep Bond and Listen

For any conversation with a woman to go anywhere, there needs to be a connection. Having similar interests with a woman is great, but this is just surface level. Yes, we know. You like going to the gym to exercise your body. But what a woman truly cares about deals with her personal issues, such as with work or family. So by asking her personal things, even if you have just met her, you can create a deeper bond at the very get go.

And, for any conversation to be a success, you have to listen! What’s the point of talking to a beautiful woman if you are just going to be thinking about when your next meal is or what time do the Miami Heat play. Keep your mind in check, listen to what the woman is saying, and you will be able to respond to their questions in an apt manner.

Thanks to the tips listed above, talking for an hour to a woman will seem like 10 minutes. The whole process of talking to woman will seem like basic addition.

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