One of the greatest fears of anyone going on a date is that the other person will find you boring. Although that might seem a trivial matter, consider this:  Would you want to go on an hour-long date with someone who bores you to death?  Even spending a minute with a boring person can seem like an eternity, so it’s important to find ways to be entertaining to your date so that he or she will not walk away permanently. A few considerations – how did you meet your date?  Did you meet somewhere that you consider your favorite stomping ground?  For example, if your date is an animal lover, did you meet at the local rescue center?  Or perhaps you met at a club where you both love to dance?  Having things like this in common will pave the way for interesting topics to talk about during an actual date.  It also means that your date will probably be interested in the same things you find interesting.

Second, maybe you have other interests that your date may want to know about?  Even if they don’t share those interests, it may be nice to casually bring up that you like to pursue other hobbies or fields of interest.  If your date thinks those seem like exciting past times, you can follow up by asking them to join you in one of those activities for a second date.

Third, make it a point to ask about the other person’s occupation, hobbies and interests, too.  In simple terms, don’t dominate the conversation with “me” topics.  Remember, it’s a conversation – not a monologue.  So make sure your date has room to share what their interests as well.  Not only will you appear more attractive to your date, but you may find more things that you like about your date.

Fourth, try to steer clear of heavy topics while on a first or second date.  If your date happens to mention that he or she is recently divorced or separated from their spouse, it might be too emotional to delve into such a topic so early in the dating process.  Only open up such topics if you feel like you have a comfortable enough rapport with one another.  Such topics can promote bonding if treated carefully and with respect.

On any date, there are bound to be grey areas that you or your date are not prepared to handle (especially if it is your first date with one another).  These are grey areas because no one, not even the best dating expert, can predict the other person’s reaction to such topics.  If these grey areas do crop up, it is important to be sensitive to the other person’s sentiments before giving your honest opinion.  This way, you will be able to enjoy one another’s company until the time comes for more intimate self-disclosure.