Being single in a city like Phoenix can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many options for places to go and things to do. However, the advantage of being in a big city is that there are oftentimes many events held for people in the same single boat. In fact, there are tons of options and ways to meet other singles; here are just a few ideas that may help you find events that could lead you to that special someone.


Here at Cupid’s Cronies, we are huge fans of Meetup. The site makes it so easy to find events that may fit your interests and your current situation. For example, just by searching “Singles” within 25 miles of Scottsdale, Arizona, you get singles groups for Phoenix Singles in their 30’s and 40’s, a journey group for Christian singles and groups for fit singles in Arizona, plus many more. It is not hard to create a profile, and once you do, you can join any group, and attend whatever events interest you. There is even one called Singles, with a Cause, run by Cupid’s Cronies- check it out!

Couple Bowling
Couple Bowling


By signing up for the weekly newsletter from this site, you can learn all about the events for singles going on in your area. They have everything from speed dating events to lock and key events that they want to make sure you know about. It does not cost anything to join- you can just pick which events you want to be a part of and pay for those. Easy enough, and a great way to meet some other Pheonix/Scottsdale singles!


This site offers lock and key mixers, which are happy hours with a twist. Once you arrive, you receive a lock or key based on your gender, and then set out to find the person with the key to your lock or the lock to your key. It is an easy way to start a conversation with another person, and you do not just stop at one. Each time you find your match, you can go back and get a new lock or key, then start the process over again. This ensures that you meet plenty of singles in a very fun and different way!


There are so many groups and clubs in Scottsdale that offer cool events! Here are just a few worth looking into:

Phoenix Couple Hiking
Phoenix Couple Hiking

The Sierra Club

If you love hiking, biking, camping and other outdoor activities, this is the group for you! They organize plenty of events centered on the outdoors for you to meet many new people.

Singles Gourmet of Arizona

This group arranges dinner events for singles in Arizona. If you love trying out new restaurants, this is a great way to meet people.

Fast Dater 3 Minute Dating

This group offers speed dating events, as while as the opportunity to go on golf and ski trips around the world with other singles. If you love to travel, try this out.

Specialty Clubs - Arizona Adventures, Central Arizona Tall Club and Singles in Sundays

Arizona Adventures is for the Jewish single community of Phoenix, the Central Arizona Tall Club helps taller individuals find other tall singles, and Singles in Sundays is for singles over 50. They all offer various events, so if any of these sound like you, check them out!

The nice thing about being single in Phoenix is that there are plenty of events for you to attend to meet that special someone. Hopefully, with these tips, you will attend some great events and meet some even greater people.