You fell head over heels, yet lately, you feel like flinging them headfirst from a cliff.  Love is a curvy, bumpy, and long road, but when do you know when it’s time to run like hell when your partner stops at the next exit for gas?  

Consider five tell tale signs that it’s time to call it quits.


Hurt Feelings


You won’t agree on choice of bathroom wallpaper, matching costumes for Halloween, or whose house to visit first on the holidays, but overall, love is about making sacrifices and being a team.  If you and your partner are out to hurt one another’s feelings by name-calling, bringing up the past, or pointing out physical drawbacks, it’s time to stop the love train on its tracks.


Love involves respect and regard for the other person in the short and long term.  Trying to hurt the other person mentally and emotionally is a sign you no longer care for them or they care for you.


Sour Moods


In the beginning, you felt like the birds were singing the songs of your budding relations.  However, lately, you can’t stand the sight of birds chirping, flowers blooming, or just about anything and anyone.


If sour moods are commonplace, and it’s easy to grow irritable at people and things that normally make you smile and laugh,it’s time to throw in the love towel.  If your temper is short and moods melancholy, it’s likely due to bad relationship not getting any better.


Offended Friends


Needy and unloving mates alienate partners from friends and loved ones, those who can detect a relationship heading toward Crazy Town, USA.  If you find yourself mentioning an ailing relationship with friends and then growing angry with them for trying to help or identifying the faults of your partner, you’re on course to lose the relationship and your friends.


Traditionally, friends provide all the things we’re supposed to get out of a loving relationship minus the physical intimacy.  Your friends laugh, cry, get angry, and protect you.  If you’re feeling a rift between loved ones, choose allies wisely.  It’s likely you’ve been friends for years (for a reason); how long has your love relationship lasted and been healthy?


Social Stalking


Decades ago, jealous mates stalked on foot or spied via hired detectives.  Now, boyfriends and girlfriends view Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus profiles, as well ascheck the search history of others.  Relations can’t go on hosting suspicious minds; if you’re suspicious or downright jealous, spying on your mate (who you’re supposed to trust), there’s a fundamental problem.


In most cases, intuition validates reason for suspicion.  You could listen to your inner voice or call upon theTheCircle Psychics for help.  However, some have serious trust issues and grow suspicious regardless of facts and the love of their mates.  Stop the stalking and start considering whether the relationship is worth saving.  Being alone is healthier than being suspicious, or worse, stalked.


Mentioning the End


If you and your partner use threats and mention ‘the end’ on a regular basis, you’re leaving the door wide open.  It’s just a matter of walking out and playing sad breakup songs while searching for a new place to live.  Threatening a breakup is the ace card of dating threats; whether completely honest or kind of bluffing, saying it usually ensures the end.


If it’s on both of your minds, secretly or while screaming, it’s been pondered, and the inescapable result of every bad relationship.  No one wants to be in a bad relationship, but a number are afraid to finally end it.  If the end has been mentioned, it may be too late to save the relationship.


Marie Mccormack is a relationship writer. She likes to post her blogs on relationship and family websites on the internet. You can keep up with The Circle on Google+.