In the dating world, women are often frustrated by what they perceive to be the behaviors of men who run hot and cold with their interests.  If you’re tired of this cat-and-mouse game, remember that you as a woman set the tone – you’re the common denominator, and you have the power to stop these games before they begin.  

The first step in taking back the power is to assume responsibility.  The men you are attracting and find yourself attracted to reflect what you feel you deserve.  Men who are truly seeking a serious, long-term relationship will not be playing confusing games; and so you can easily determine who is ready for love by whether or not they are in engaging in these trivial pursuits.


Though it may seem counter-intuitive, it is beneficial to set the tone with the men you are dating by revealing your soft and vulnerable side early on.  This sets the standard for honesty and clarity in what you need from a relationship.  A high risk/high reward move, the act of displaying these emotions early on can leave you feeling vulnerable; but when looking for a lasting relationship, there will be no mixed messages about the love you’re both seeking.


When you only allow yourself to appear aloof in the beginning, it attracts the type of man who doesn’t believe you’re looking for a serious relationship.  It establishes an air of disinterest in anything serious; and suddenly removing that wall later on will seem like you are going back on an unspoken agreement and often scare off the man in question for good.


By allowing for honesty and openness up front, you’ve stopped the games before they’ve begun and opened the door for love.