Summer’s finally here, and that calls for thrilling dates outside with full sunshine and nature galore, or simply staying indoors with the AC turned at the maximum! Either way, take a look at our ideas for promising date ideas in Atlanta:

Dating in Atlanta
Dating in Atlanta

World of Coke 

  • As the home to the famous Coca-Cola company, this is a typical tourist attraction, but why not spend it with your beau/belle for a day? There’s a Taste It!Section where you can try out different drinks that are selectively chosen by Coca-Cola, including their popular drinks. They also offer different mixtures and delicious, unique beverages that have become many consumers’ favorites - befitting and refreshing for a warm summer day. There are varieties of activities at the World of Coke that help with understanding the history of the company and how they found its signature flavor, with the Coca-Cola Portraits Wall, Pop Culture Gallery, and 4D Theater. It’s a very interactive and hands on learning experience that you and your partner will never forget.
  • You can also take a picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, a prevalent symbol of the company. The polar bear had appeared in advertisements for decades, so it would definitely feel like meeting a celebrity. The picture would be a proof to the wonderful memory you two had made that day.
  • Georgia Aquarium (Couple.jpg)Atlanta Summer Dating Ideas
    • Head to the Georgia Aquariumfor a fun time with your date! This is a cute, lighthearted date that appeals to our inner children. There are so many different animal species to see and exciting events going on throughout the aquarium, from a pleasant class for making sushi rolls, to an intense auto and bike show, and even concerts. There is never a quiet day at the Georgia Aquarium, in a good way.
    • Starlight Drive-In
      • Personally, this is on my bucket list - to watch a drive-in movie with a partner, and you can fulfill my dreams by going to Starlight Drive-In Theatre. Unlike the cliched movie date, Starlight Drive-In provides a different, and perhaps more intimate watching experience for you and your significant other. Further enhance the mood by watching a romantic movie while cuddling with your date.
      • Atlanta Botanical Garden
        • Have an outdoor date learning about new creatures and plants at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Catch a lunch break with your boyfriend/girlfriend at the newly opened Linton’s restaurant, which serves luxurious full course meals along with wine and a stunning view of the garden. You can even attend a concert at the garden, a tradition that’s been going on for 14 years and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. This is a great idea for a relaxing and tranquil day with your romantic partner, and it gives you both an opportunity to let go and become one with nature.
Dating in Atlanta
Dating in Atlanta

Painting with a Twist 

    • I would have never even imagined of going on a date to paint, especially because I’m not particularly artistically inclined. However, there’s a twist (aha!) to it; it’s not really a serious class, it’s just a time to let your inner pent-up artist be free and you’re supposed to have fun with it! Painting with a Twist also serves alcoholic beverages. It’s a quirky, unusual but delightful date with a long-term partner or even as a first date. Use this chance to learn more about your partner and what they would paint and the significance behind it - you might learn a few new things about them, regardless of how long you’ve known them for!
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    • Canoe at Chattahoochee River
      • This is another peaceful date with your significant other, quietly rowing along the river with a professional guide who explains and identifies the plants and creatures who find home along this area. In addition, there’s a restaurant where the two of you can have a cozy meal together, while also enjoying the scenery from the inside and appreciating the beauty of nature in such appropriate weather conditions, perfect for the summer.
      • The Atlanta Opera
        • For a more classy date, try the Atlanta Opera! Brilliant actors perform and execute a character’s part flawlessly and ease you into the plot of renown plays. It’s like the classic movie date, but with live performers and a more sophisticated atmosphere. The opera can be a great conversation topic to talk about after, and engage the two of you into a discussion that will eventually diverge smoothly to other branches of interest, and this is essential for the first few dates in particular to rid of the awkwardness. Follow the schedule of operas they will be showcasing and attend your favorites!

Though these are great ideas to spend time with a romantic partner for this upcoming summer, they are only a few of the numerous date spots in Atlanta. Don’t be afraid to face the heat of the summer to go out and take in the beautiful landscapes of Atlanta!  Cupid’s Cronies can help you start your exhilarating adventures with a potential life partner today!