Summer is finally here, as you can tell from the recent sweltering high temperatures in Dallas. Make some new, refreshing, and precious memories with your beau/belle, and don’t let the hot weather stop you from being able to do so. During the summer, I personally tend to laze around in bed, glued to my iPhone. If you’re just like me and you have a significant other, don’t let that lethargy affect your romantic relationship! Relationships obviously take effort, but having fun-filled dates should be effortless, though it requires some planning beforehand. Let this guide help you plan some fun activities:

Summer Date Ideas in Dallas
Summer Date Ideas in Dallas
Summer Date Ideas Dallas
Summer Date Ideas Dallas
  • Dinner date
    • You can't go wrong with a simple, classic dinner date! This is the universally common date spot, whether it be for a first date, or a date for the veterans of the dating scene. In Dallas, there are plenty of sophisticated restaurants to choose from- one example is Rise No. 1, a place with a well-furnished interior where they serve French souffles and delicacies with wine.
    • Cooking together
      • My favorite activity to do in this entire world is to eat. Nevertheless, it takes much preparation to create the masterpiece before I can enjoy it. Cooking can grow to be a hobby for an individual, but with a couple it can be even more delightful! At Central Market Cooking School, there is a course just for couples to learn how to make a full course meal! Afterwards, you can eat your creations with your beloved one. At this school, you can also sharpen your technique with a kitchen knife (aha) and learn easy recipes to bake cakes and other desserts. If cooking is not your thing, you can amuse yourself with other events listed on their site, which include rare beer tastings, and pairing beer with cheese and other foods that are compatible with the beverage. Bon appétit!
      • ShoppingCouple walking on beach
        • Window shopping can be enjoyable for both men and women! I recommend not setting out with a specific item to buy, but rather using the shopping experience to spend time with your partner. There are upscale shopping centers in Dallas, some of which include Highland Park Villageand Galleria Dallas, which you can definitely visit if you find joy in products with luxury brand names. If you would rather shop at less expensive boutiques, check out cute malls like The Shops at Park Laneand Mockingbird Station. Both shopping centers have exactly what you need to be fashionably forward and trendy, and there’s a variety of areas  you can take in the view with your partner!
        • Arcades
          • Arcades might not be as romantic as an alluring candlelight dinner, but they are packed with entertainment, and you can let your inner child run free and play countless different games! At Adventure Landing, there are games, mini golf, and go-karting available for you and your partner to play with. There are even alcoholic beverages and other refreshments for the two of you to savor during your break times.
          • Amusement Parks
            •  Amusement parks aren’t just for hyper kids bouncing with endless energy, it’s for adults too! Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park proves to be one of the safest parks despite its mission “to be the most extreme amusement park in the world.” Some of their many top rides include Bungee Jumping, Skycoasterand Nothin’ but Net. Also, it is commonly known that when we are with people we have a crush on, our heart starts to palpitate and we get sweaty and other symptoms start occurring to our bodies. Similarly, what makes this a surprisingly good first date for people is that when you and your date perform some exciting activity that gets your heart racing, you become more attracted to them. Get out of your comfort zone and be daring with your significant other for the day!
            • Bubble Tea
              • Bubble Tea, or Boba is an Asian drink (specifically from Taiwan) that is mixed with other flavorings such as fruits or milk and dunked with tapioca balls to produce a tasty, cool drink--perfect for summer! In Dallas, there’s a bubble tea truck called Bobaddictionthat goes around and sells bobas and Asian styled shaved ice (which is called “patbingsoo” in Korean, and it’s delicious!). However, it is a truck, so it travels around to different areas of Dallas, so make sure to check the schedule on their website before trying to hunt them down!

Take this season to be active with your partner, regardless of how hot it is - don’t make that an excuse to not go on a date! If you'd like help finding that special person to take out, let us know! We'd love to set you up. 

Have fun this summer!

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