Summer in Phoenix certainly feels like a phoenix bursting into flames, only to generate new life, which can correlate directly to your love life! Rejuvenate the passion of your romance with some simple date ideas that’ll help you embrace the scorching sun or stay cool as a cactus. Remember to stay hydrated; that’s the only way you’ll have the energy to go out on a date in such weather conditions.

Phoenix Summer Date Ideas
Phoenix Summer Date Ideas
Summer Dating in Phoenix
Summer Dating in Phoenix
  • Beaches/lakes 
    • A typical idea for a summer date, but undoubtedly a refreshing and fun time for you and your partner! The outside is overwhelmingly hot with crazy high temperatures, but nature is still beautiful to look at - take a dip in the refreshing water at Lake Powell. Take in the outdoors with your partner while having a fun swimming date to keep your sanity from the outrageously sizzling weather. Of course, this isn’t the only aesthetically pleasing beach out there - other lakesare a great option, as you get to cozy up with soft sand along with your significant other and spend an intimate time with them in the water.
    • Movie Theaters
      • If you thought my idea of beaches were basic enough, I’m going back to the conventional date for adolescents - the movie theaters. It’s not as casual as the whole “Netflix and Chill” idea, which is why the atmosphere is more romantic and has more class to it. Go to your nearest AMCor Harkinstheater and catch many of summer’s promising movies (e.g., the hypedFinding Dory, or the thrilling Conjuring 2). Movie theaters are my go-to place for a date during the summer not only because it’s simple, but also the theaters have AC and are cool (which is a must in the boiling Phoenix weather).
      • Saunas 
        • Saunas are an increasingly popular date idea. Saunas are rooms of varying temperature, from swelteringly hot to ice cold. People usually enter the hot rooms because sweating is a good way to release germs and surprisingly, to get yourself clean. You chill out (or...sweat out?) with your partner, and enjoy just talking with each other (I know, a foreign concept in this day and era). The Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkis a high quality spa with experienced masseuses who can give a good massage, or you can just hang out at the saunas. Talk about a relaxing date despite the scorching weather outdoors!
        • Coffee ShopsSummer Date Ideas in Phoenix
          • Cafes are generally a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee or tea and to catch up with friends. It’s also a quaint date spot for couples alike. Whenever my boyfriend and I don’t have any plans to go anywhere exciting, we always go to our favorite local coffee shop and talk. The Lux Centralis an example of a pleasant place to go, as they have a diverse menu of various espressos and even alcoholic beverages.
          • Ice Skating
            • There is no place you can get closer to the winter during the summer heat than Arcadia Ice Arena! If the relationship is fairly new and even somewhat awkward, and one of you two don’t know how to skate, use this opportunity to hold hands and break the ice (not literally).  Ice skating’s an inexpensive way to beat the heat, as well as having fun with your beau/belle. 
            • Ice cream shops
              • When it’s as hot as it is in Phoenix, an ice cream shop is the best place to go with your partner! Make the date as sweet as the ice cream is, and use this time to try out different flavors than your guys’ usual favorite. When the 100+ degree weather begins to make you melt, try out the Melt ice cream shopthat can ironically freeze you back up! Ice cream isn’t your only option - go for Frost Gelatofor some creamy and delicious gelato (yes, there’s a difference between the two). Other tasty frozen dessert places include italian ice at Rita’s Italian Ice and a healthier option of froyo at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Keep calm and stay cool.

Have fun, stay safe from the heat, and let Cupid's Cronies help you plan your next adventure in Phoenix!