The frequent 90 degree weather has been consistent throughout the last few days and it doesn’t seem to have any motive to lower in St. Louis, which indicates that the glorious season of summer is here! Comes with it are sweaty days and sticky nights with constant flow of chilly air from a source of a vent. Make the next few months even better by spending it with a significant other, and by going on routine and new dates to spice up your love life!

  • Ice cream shops
    • I think the best way to celebrate the arrival of summer is to savor a creamy and cold dessert, especially with a partner! Not only will it cool you off from the automatically sweat-inducing weather, but it will definitelybring you joy, and company from your boyfriend/girlfriend will make you even more content. Though any local place will do, Ted Dreweswas specifically noted as the best ice cream shop in Missouri. Explore what tingles your taste buds by trying out other perhaps unusual flavors and make it an entertaining session of eating ice cream with your partner!
    • BakeriesSt Louis Date Ideas in Summer
      • Bakeries have such a warm atmosphere that unknowingly lures unsuspecting victims with their sweet waft in the air. Share different kinds of sugary treats that a bakery offers with your lover. Take a trip to the Missouri Baking Company, where they serve delicious bread and cookies. Another mouthwatering bakery is the Sweet Art Bakery, where they specialize in cakes and breads as well. The aesthetics of the small cakes and the building itself is a considerable factor that makes the whole date romantic and enjoyable.
      • Korean Barbecue
        • Commonly stylized as KBBQ, you can go to various Korean  restaurants and they’ll serve you all you can eat meat with a base price of around $20. There is usually a variety of selection in the menus, from prime brisket, to beef belly, and even pork. In St. Louis, you can get a glimpse of what South Korea’s capital tastes like at Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant. It’s a very interactive experience, as you get to grill your own meat, so take caution with your partner!
        • ObservatoriesSt Louis Dating Ideas in Summer
          • Unlike all of the food suggestions from above, take a stroll with your significant other and visit the beautiful and famed Gateway Arch and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorialwith your romantic partner. The Gateway Arch is the highest built arch in the world, and has such a unique history that many are unaware of. On the other hand, the Gateway Arch is within the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, and the memorial is to remember the prevalence that St. Louis had during Jefferson’s time and the impact it made for westward expansion. Not only is the history rich and made it so that everyone can live in America as they do today, but the view is gorgeous as well, and it’s a sight one must see with a partner.
          • Parks 
            • Going to a nearby park to spend time with your lover is a great way to pass the day and absorb nature’s beauty together. A stunning park in particular is Forest Park, with picturesque fountains and structures that are encased within it. You can exercise together - for instance, either running intensely or just walking and taking in the scenery. You and your partner can also people watch, which is nice to see so many fellow humans walking around with a purpose, something we sometimes forget in the hustle of St. Louis. The park is so big that it has all kinds ofattractions and restaurantsthat are close by so that you can explore there as well. Take the time to take a breather and just relax in the tranquility of the park with your love.
            • Billiards
              • Last summer, I started going on dates with my current boyfriend and learned how to play pool. It’s a fantastic game that requires thought and physics to hit the cue ball onto the other balls as accurately as possible, which is why it should be given more spotlight as a date. You can have a pleasant time with your other half by playing at Cue & Cushion, a respectable, family owned business. They sell quality cuesto ensure the best and fair playing fields for you two.

Summer will be a blast with these different activities to keep you busy with your partner. Don’t let the weather get you irritated and bring your mood down - try to appreciate the only few months of when you’ll have such sunny weather in St. Louis. It’s a rarity that comes by annually, so make it last with a lovely romantic experience. To start your summer adventure with your special someone, sign up for Cupid’s Croniestoday!