NYC Summer Dates

NYC Summer Dates

New York City brings so many great date ideas, adventures and outings to the table it’s easy to get overwhelmed. No worries though. If you are seeking to venture out for a nice summer night out, check out the places below.

Sleep No More

Thrilling and mind bending is the best way to describe Sleep No More.  An unforgettable show that does wonders to evoke emotion and infect your dreams. The performances are brilliant and the environment is gorgeous and macabre. You are completely in charge of how you experience the show, while still feeling part of a silent audience which is one of the most fulfilling things about it. For anyone who appreciates theater and wants a completely new way of enjoying it, along with a new spectrum of feelings that sitting in an audience just doesn't create, this is the perfect place to be.  Its erotic, unique and definitely a date night do.

Museum of the Moving Image

If you are a couple into filmmaking and history the Museum of the Moving Image is right up your alley. Even if you’re not, this museum provides a little of everything in regards to film, includingpre-film examples of animation, some old cameras, microphones and editing equipment  and special effects as well as Star Wars memorabilia in Tut's Fever Palace, small theater at the end of the museum.  Special exhibits presently available include a virtual reality area and a terrific exhibit on the style of Mad Men complete with tons of props and costumes. A great stop for a date night in the Astoria area.   

NYC Summer Dates1

NYC Summer Dates1

Accomplice the Show

It’s a mystery dinnerbut instead of sitting in a theatre you’re in the streets of New York searching for clues with dinner and drinks at various bars around the city. This scavenger hunt-like show will have you walking the streets while interacting with the incognito cast improv-style to get clues (and some laughs) along the way. Totally an out-the-box idea which forces you to explore the city it ways you may not have otherwise. You and your date will be engaged the entire time. It last about 2 hours, depending on how quickly you find your clues. Just make sure those shoes are made for walking.

NYC Summer Dates2

NYC Summer Dates2

Escape the Room

You should never be looking for an escape while on a date unless you are atEscape the Room. A fun and challenging course in Korean Town, Escape the Room utilizes your strategic thinking and analytical skills to solve the clues. The allotted 60 minutes you are given may or may not be enough to escape as only 15% of people have successfully completed the tasks.  The staff is very friendly, can watch what you are doing as they are on hand as your clue masters to provide hints.  The games are very clever and definitely require major team work to figure out. If you are a couple that loves a challenge this is definitely the place to check out.

Fuerza Bruta

Unforgettable and breathtaking, Fuerza Brutais an artistic show that floods your senses. Similar to Cirque de Soleil or Blue Man Group, be prepared to move and dance the entire time. Simply put, it is abeautiful and amazing creative show. Open to your interpretation, it’s a one of kind experience that will have you jumping on your feet. You and your date will love it, feel the power of it and simply embrace it. The finale of the show is top notch with the most awesome party and rain storm (optional to get wet or not). Wear comfortable shoes as you are standing the whole time although actually makes the experience more memorable.

New York City is full to the brim with date night ideas to get into. Where do you normally venture out to? Let us know below.

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