Boston summer
Boston summer

Boston really knows how to enjoy the summer so if you are a couple looking to enjoy the rest of it as well, check out a few of the options below.

Lowell Spinners

What does baseball, playground, cartoon, and occasionally sumo-wrestling all have in common? It makes for one great date night. A trip to LeLacheur Park, home of the Lowell Spinners , a Sox minor-league affiliate is gentle on the wallet, with the priciest seats going for $8. Because the park is small, any ticket (they start at $4, for standing room) is good. Spinner’s games are perfect for anyone who lacks a nine-inning attention span. There are frequent cartoon and movie clips on a giant screen; between-inning entertainment (T-shirt tosses, sumo wrestling.)


Mottley’s Comedy Club

Cheapest way to laugh off the pressure of a first date and maybe do a bit of bonding: Mortified’’ is the show in which everyday folks share the journals, poems, love letters, even home movies they created in the dark and angry moments of their youth. The show takes place in Boston occasionally; the next is Aug. 6 at Mottley's Comedy Club . The $15 you’ll spend on a ticket is cheaper than therapy, if watching others recall past humiliation eases flashbacks of your own. 

Head to the Beach

Boston has a number of beaches that can be prime destinations to soak up the sun when the weather is right including Castle Island Beach and The Boston Harbor so if you’re looking to catch a tan, grab your blankets and head out.  

The Blue Man Group

Bananas, lights, balls, paint, technology, toilet paper and marshmallows are all randomly thrown together objects that help make up parts of The Blue Man Group . The show is performance art and the musical parts will quickly become your favorite. All of the blue men are great drummers. The show makes comments on the way society is, and they're all true. It is also quite funny at times. It is a good show for anyone ages 7-60 so if fall into this age range and looking for a great date night out, check out the show!

Sheer Madness

Are you and your date interested in solving a murder in a hair salon? If so, Sheer Madness is a must see.  An interactive murder mystery play featuring 6 actors split into two acts, with a 15-minute intermission.  The first act is the act in which the murder occurs, and the second act consists of an investigation into the crime and a solution to the mystery.  The characters ask questions about details to the audience members to help the investigation proceed to a conclusion. The theater itself is tucked on a side street in the theater district of Boston so it’s easy to find. If your eyes are set on an entertaining evening, give Sheer Madness a try.

$14 Cruise

The only thing better than a cruise is cruising with someone you’re into. Get that special someone and hop aboard The Boston Island Ferry. Bridge and tunnel commuters have it easy. They hop on the expressway, and soon they’re surrounded by leafy parks and pharmacies without steel grates over their windows. Those who live in the concrete jungle (OK, so Boston is more of a brick jungle) don’t have that luxury. So escape on the ferries that shuttle between six of Boston’s 34 harbor islands. For a mere $14, you cruise out for the day and enjoy your island paradise.

Boston Handholding
Boston Handholding

What about you? Where does your and your significant other usually find yourselves on a date night? Let us know below.

Or, if you looking for that special someone to share the rest of these summer nights with, join Cupid’s Cronies today!