Houston’s date night summer scene is just as diverse as the title it recently received as the nation’s most ethnically diverse city. If you are seeking a few spots to enjoy a date night out, check out a few of our choices below.

Cypress Trails is a great outing for those couples who love horses, want to try horseback riding or just can’t get enough of the great outdoors. 20 Minutes north of downtown Houston, this ranch offers some of the most scenic trails in Texas for both pleasure and endurance riding. If you’re up for something new or have no problem hopping on a saddle, check out Cypress Trails.

Café Mawal, from the outside reminds you more of a neighbor’s house than it does a hookah spot . It’s not until you drive up and the delicious smell of Mediterranean cuisine wafts under your nose that you realize you’re in for a surprise. Arabic nights complete with a DJ serving melodic Mediterranean music and flavorful shisha makes this a great date night choice.   

4-wheels are sometimes better than two and that includes a pair of old school skates. Take your date night to the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink for a fun night out. You’re never too big, too old and it’s never too late to bring out the kid in you. If you fear falling in front of your date, opt out of the open rink session and enroll into a class today.  

Take your date for a swing at Top Golf entertainment complex.  240-yards of outfield designed to challenge anyone from a pro golfer to a newbie.  Filled to the brim in fun, great food and drinks, Top Golf is a great option for a date night.

Biking the Bayou is always a nice way to relax and enjoy your dates company. Not having a bike of your own won’t stop you either thanks to the bike sharing program B-cycles. $5 will rent you a bike for 24-hours or less and enables you to enjoy all the scenery you can soak up.

If you’re looking for something weird and unique, the National Museum of Funeral History  is definitely where to turn. Your date will be truly fascinated with the educational and interesting facts from every culture and time period. Broken down into sections so you don’t need a map or guide, a dose of something different truly lies in the walls of this museum.

Work up a sweat on the climb up at Texas Rock Gym . An indoor rock climbing gym gives you and your date a chance to flex those muscles and get healthy. An hour class is required to ensure that all climbers are familiar with the equipment and afterwards the world, or rocks are all yours. If you are couple looking for alternative workout routines to get or stay fit, the gym also offers a Whole30 Challenge that assist you on meeting your fitness goals.

Couples that build together stay together. Ballard and Son Constructionoffers woodworking sessions for couples interested in designed a custom piece. Catered dinner, dessert and safety lessons included, register today for a date night fueled by hands-on construction.

Tap into your inner painter at Pinots Palette for a night of BYOB and step-by-step guide to becoming your best version of Picasso.  Whether your date’s a natural artist or finds frustration in drawing lines, Pinot’s Palette welcomes all and promises an inspiring and refreshing atmosphere for creating a masterpiece.

What about you? What are some of your top picks for a nice date night? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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