Summer dates in philadelphia
Summer dates in philadelphia

Summertime in Philadelphia is brimming with different things to do on date night. If you are seeking adventure and want to experience more than normal dinner and movie night, check out the places below.

The N Crowd

Every Friday night, the The N Crowd delivers does of improv comedy, leaving you with in a great space.  The set-up is just great. The games are an ideal way to bring out the funniest scenarios. The audience is an integral part of the performance and the actors are hilarious and great with handling the oddest of suggestions. Consistently hilarious in any combination of performers, if you and your date are looking to laugh nonstop, this is a great place to go.

Painting with a Twist

Whether or not you have a creative bone in your body, Painting with a Twist is a BYOB establishment that offers you a great time, great company and a relaxing atmosphere. If you’ve never painted before, this is the place to try it. The classroom is a long narrow room with easels while the instructors (one at the front of the room doing a step by step instruction with his own easel and another walking around offering assistance where needed) are upbeat, nice and engaging. They also move at a pace that keeps the class in sync and very easy to follow. If you are on your way to being the next Picasso or at looking the part for your date, sign up for a class today.


If you and your date enjoy a good old school game with nice drinks, the Barcade  is the place to try. It is exactly what it sounds like, a bar and an arcade. The games cost a quarter with games including Pac Man, Ninja Turtles and Pinball.  A nice and relaxing spot so whether it’s a first date or fourth, the Barcade will definitely give a good time.

First Person Arts

First Person Arts is a place that provides a forum for creative and personal sharing. Their events are meaningful, well-run, well-staffed and always a great time. The stories are awesome, the storytellers are genuine, and the hosts are entertaining. The Story Slams are great and pretty much a guarantee for great narratives and funny deliveries. If you and your date are looking for an intimate thought provoking and funny venue, First Person Arts is the place to head to.

Ritz Five

If you looking for a great date night spot to catch indie films and international imports, the Ritz Five is the place to venture out to. It's small with an old school that adds charm. The seats are comfortable and the films are amazing. If you want to see and hear best selection of modern movies in most appropriate and sophisticated ambiance, this is the place for you.

Ritz Five
Ritz Five

Dave & Buster’s

For the kids at heart, Dave & Buster’s is the place for you. A great time is all that is offered and you will not regret it. The food is great, simple and a nice price point with great service and friendly staff. The games are just as great offering something for everyone at every skill level. Whether you’re looking to shoot some arcade style hoops with your date or experience an interactive roller coaster, Dave & Busters has it all.

Underground Arts

Underground Arts , like its name suggests, is a bit off the beaten path in Spring Garden, but the trek is certainly worth it. Walk down the flight of stairs and a spacious yet intimate venue lies before you. Both the Black Box and the main concert area have great sound and sight lines. Throw in bars with friendly bartenders and a killer craft beer list and you have yourself an epic entertainment hub. Be prepared for your date to have a great time here.

How about you? What are some of the places you’ve been venturing to this summer? Let us know below.

And its still not too late to find that special someone to spend the last few days of summer with. If you’re interested in love and all that comes with it, join Cupid’s Cronies today!