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Chicago Winter Date Ideas

vortex-4If you survived the Polar Vortex in Chicago, you probably remember the cabin fever that sets in. There are only so many hours you can watch Netflix and snuggle with the cat.

Last winter, someone gave me this great piece of advice: “Get out in the winter as much as you can.”

So, I decided that this single girl in Chicago was putting on her winter boots and going on dates to bring you back my tips for the best Chicago winter date ideas.


Warm Up By the Fireplace

couple-fireplaceFor a romantic night sipping on craft beer and sitting by the fireplace, you and your date should bundle up and head to Hopleaf.

Known for its famous ale-steamed mussels and delicate appetizers, Hopleaf is charming in so many ways.

Plus, sitting by the fireplace might heat up your toes and bring you closer to your hot date -- it’s a win, win.


Go Ice-Skating

SkatingCoupleRoundThe famous Millenium Park is a must-see in the wintertime, with couples skating hand in hand and kids whizzing by.

On cold winter nights, the lights dance across the glistening snow. It’s a brilliant place for a first date or a spot to rekindle romance.

If you’re skating skills need some work, you can head over an hour before the rink opens to the public to take some skating lessons before you meet up with your date.


Hot Cooking Classes

couples-cooking-classNothing turns up the heat like some hot and spicy food.

Cooking classes are a great way to get to know each other and get insights into each other’s tastes.

The Chopping Block offers awesome couples cooking classes (they even have a gluten free option) including Argentinian, Moroccan, and hot and spicy dishes to cook together.


See the Christmas Lights

Christmas-lights-christmas-33111601-500-334Is there anything more romantic than strolling hand in hand looking up at the Christmas lights?

A real way to get into the mood of the season is to take your date out for a tour of Chicago at night.

Last year, my date and I started out at the Lincoln Park Zoo and then made our way around the city. It melted even this grinches' cold heart.


While I still enjoy snuggling with my cat, I must admit that getting out and about in Chicago this winter was a lot of fun. I’m thankful I live in a city that has so much to do and so many places to see. And it didn’t hurt that I had some great company, too.