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Gay Matchmaker Dating Service

Finally a Matchmaker and Dating service for Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexuals, and Transgenders LGBT!  We're excited about the new law that passed in Minnesota allowing gays and lesbians to wed.  If you are interested in meeting your special someone, give us a call today!  Also, make sure you fill out a free profile form to add yourself to the database! We at Cupid’s Cronies welcome the opportunity to confidentially listen and understand what you are looking for.  Cupid’s Cronies has a policy of only accepting clients we are absolutely certain we can do an exceptional job for.

Email: cupid@cupidscronies.com Phone: Local (612) 483-3393 • National 1 (855) 622-8743 Address:  901 Marquette Ave Suite 1500 Minneapolis, MN 55402