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Minneapolis Singles

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Minneapolis is a great place to be single. There are so many avenues to go through to find other singles that have the same interests and are around your same age group.

Meetup.com is a great resource to have in the city. Meetup is a website thathas various groups for so many difChicago Mingles Beer Cheers at Breweryferent interests that you are able to join right there on their website with one easy click. The website has different groups in many different cities. Wherever you are, you can go to meetup and find a group to join in your area. It is a fast and easy way to find other singles in your area.

Everyone is busy with their jobs, trying to find themselves, or busy with life in general. These days, everyone is go, go go. No one really has the time or energy to put in a massive amount of work into finding a date. Thats where meetup comes in. It has many groups of so many diverse interests. There is a dog lovers group, a laughter and yoga loving group, outdoor and snow lovers group, tea lovers group, and so many more. Whatever your interests are, there is a group for people with those same interests. They also have group for single women and men of all different ages. You are able to join a group and be with people who share the same interests as you do. Meetup is truly a great way to meet other singles in your area. Visit their website today to learn more.

heart pasta share foodAnother great resource to have is the Zagat guide. Within their guide, there is a list of restaurants and bars where singles are known to hang out. The list includes: Oceanaire in downtown Minneapolis, Origami in the North Loop, Barrio Downtown, and Gardens of Salonica that is also in Minneapolis. Going to one of these bars or restaurants will help you find singles in your area. Having a fun night out on the town is a great way to meet other singles. Having this list available is an easy and quick, non-committal way to find places tomeet other singles. You can take a friend to be your wingman/woman for a fun, casual way to meet people.minneapolis couple kayaking

Going out in Minneapolis and taking a boat ride, going kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding or just being out on the lake is a fun way to meet other young singles. In the summertime, there is no better place to be then out on the lake. And this is everyone in the Twin Cities philosophy. Going out with your friends and finding a spot on the beach or on the lake is a sure fire way to meet someone. There is nothing better than being on the lake and if you are able to meet someone that catches your fancy, I believe that to be a great day.



Where are some great places in Minneapolis that you have met local singles? Let us know in the comments below!



Where to Meet Single Women in Minneapolis

couple_joggingWhen you're single in the Twin Cities, meeting people isn't always easy. Many people stick to their cliques, making it hard to meet someone new. Then you  have the married couples, enjoying a walk in the park. Then there's your work buddies, who you see enough of during the work week. It leaves you wondering, "Are there any places left  to meet single women in Minneapolis?"

Don't worry. The good news is there are plenty of eligible ladies in Minneapolis! We should know, we have a lot of the best single women in our database. We can match you with someone you find attractive, interesting, funny, and intelligent. All you have to do is sign up to be a client, and then leave the rest  to us. You give us direction, we find you the girl. It's just that simple.

Aside from the obvious option of having Cupid's Cronies do the search for you, her are some of your options for meeting single women in Minneapolis:

1. Join a Sports League

Whether you enjoy playing kickball, soccer, or volleyball, signing up for a sports league is a great way to meet women. It takes the pressure off getting to know each other because you are both just focusing on the game. Over time, you can get to know each other and see if you have anything in common.

2. Music and Books

Going to a live music event is a great way to relax, listen to an awesome band, and find someone who has the same musical tastes as you. There's no better way to break the ice than to talk to her about the music she loves. Check out Red Stag Supper Club for live music, drinks, and delicious food or head over to Books & Bars for a cool spin on your average book club.

3. Try a Yoga Class

Are you up for a little balancing act to find the perfect woman? All around the city you will find flocks of beautiful and fit women heading to their local yoga class, and what's more is she is probably pretty centered and calm. If you've never done yoga before, be sure to try out a beginner's yoga class first before you hurt yourself.

4. Join a Meet Up Group...And Do a Little Charity Work

Volunteering is a good way to meet people while also giving back to your community. Meet Up is a website designed to help you meet up with fun people in your area who share the same interests. Single, with a Cause is a Meet Up group for singles who want to make a difference by doing something beneficial for various causes. Events range from happy hours, golf outings, a 5K fun runs, and even a black tie formal gala. Proceeds go to local charities.

So get out there and start meeting people! You never know, you might just bump into the perfect woman for you. Then you'll be one of those couples wondering around the park.

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