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Speed Dating: The New Form of Match-Making

Guest Post by Aurora Van Kerckhove of  http://dating-pulse.com Nowadays there are various ways of entering the dating world and meeting someone new - some people may prefer the traditional blind date set up by their friends, while others prefer a group setting where they can meet a few people at the same time. For extroverts, speed dating is the answer to your prayers, whereas for introverts this may sound like your worst nightmare. No matter what your personality is, everyone should try speed dating at least once in their single life!

Speed dating offline

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of speed dating, the concept originated from Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, who wanted to find an ideal way for Jewish singles to meet and mingle together. Ever since the first speed dating event took place in 1998, the general public has become inspired by this idea to create casual settings where a group of single men and women can meet each other.


Speed dating events are usually held in bars or restaurants, where men and women are rotated to meet each other and go on short “dates” lasting 3 to 8 minutes. Once the organiser blows the whistle, the man or woman moves on to the next table for their next date. By the end of the event, singles can choose to give out their contact information to romantic interests so that they can continue to see each other after the event.


Speed dating online

Speed dating may sound like a dream come true for extroverts, but if you’re an introvert who needs a little practice in talking to a group of new people, you can practice speed dating online before doing the real deal. Since you only have a short period of time to impress your target, first impressions are crucial when it comes to speed dating events. To practice giving brief and lasting impressions online, you can either talk with people on webcam chat sites such as Camcamcam or Seek.ly, or you can play a virtual game online at AGame.com. The great thing about talking to people online is that if the conversation gets awkward or uncomfortable, you can simply press the “skip” button, then you will never see them again and you can move on talking to the next person!


Some people tend to have a negative concept of speed dating, as they believe that it is for desperate single people and the short “dates” can only create a shallow connection between two people. However, the great thing about speed dating is that you can meet a big group of men and women in a single event. Many working adults always complain that they do not have the time or chance to meet new people - if that is your problem in dating, then speed dating is the answer to your dating woes!

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Are You Ready For A Matchmaker?

In today’s hectic world of overbooked social calendars and career obligations, the use of a matchmaker can seem like an easy fix for busy singles.  But before you take the plunge, stop and think – are you ready to make the necessary commitments in order to utilize a matchmaker’s time and expertise? Matchmakers are there to bring out the best in their clients, but matchmakers cannot single-handedly create chemistry, love or a lasting relationship.  As a client, you need to be open to bring all of your best attributes to the table and put in the work of being present in your search for love.  A matchmaker is like a publicist for your romantic life and needs viable raw material to present you in your best light.  The more open and engaging you are about your world and relationship history, the better your matchmaker can find you the right date with the potential to go the distance.

Remember, you get what you pay for in matchmaking services.  Matchmakers with higher fees may seem intimidating, but what they’re offering is their undivided time and attention.  The amount you pay goes a long way in allowing your matchmaker to give you the focus needed to create thoughtful matches.  And if you find that matchmaking fees are beyond your financial comfort zone, take that as a cue to put a pause on matchmaking until you’re feeling more financially secure.  No one should have to deal with monetary stress tangled up in the search for love.

Listen to the advice and feedback your matchmaker gives you.  They're the experts and offer a good perspective, because they are in touch with the desires of available singles.  Matchmakers aren't your family or your friends and will give you honest feedback and constructive criticism.  Their insight is invaluable, and taking their advice could be the difference between casual dating and lasting love.


Aspen & Vail Colorado Dating Service

Colorado Matchmaker, Cupid’s Cronies has expanded professional Matchmaker Services to Aspen and Vail, home to some of the most beautiful and challenging ski slopes in the country.  Aspen and Vail, Colorado are ideal locations for upscale singles to be connected with like-minded professionals with our dating service.  It is through Cupid’s Difference that we have successfully refined dating for professionals to an art form with our elite dating service and network of available singles. An influx of people to Aspen and Vail has resulted in the cities being some of the most expensive real estate markets, and home to politicians and celebrities from all across the United States.  This popular tourist destination provides an opportunity to have a date arranged by our boutique dating service, surrounded by quaint streets and picturesque landscapes, which embodies the beauty of nature.  People travel here from all over the world and Cupid’s Cronies can accommodate anyone wherever they live.

Colorado Dating Service, Cupid’s Cronies, provides a variety of professional matchmaking services.  The elite dating service offers unique advantages to meet singles. To find out more, contact us for a free consultation.


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