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5 Creative Date Ideas

dating tipsAs you get to know your date better, you’re hoping he’ll become your boyfriend. When you talk on the phone or send instant messages online, you talk about things you enjoy doing, either alone or with someone else. Take some of these conversations you’ve had and keep the activities or interests in mind. When you talk about what to do on your next date, pull one of those ideas out and suggest them. Your next date is sure to be unforgettable, full of laughter and fun.

These date ideas are intended to help you get to know your date or partner better as you experience different types of activities. Whether you appreciate history and antiques or you love poetry, participating in these suggested activities together lets you get to know him better. Conversely, he will be able to get to know you on a closer, more intimate level. If the two of you have begun to talk about becoming exclusive with each other, choosing one or more of these date ideas enables you to get to know each other better.

Walk Through the Park

Put on some comfortable walking shoes and go for a walk through a beautiful park in your community.Couple kissing You’re trying to get to know someone you’re interested in, so spend your time in an activity where you’ll be talking and getting to know one another.

If you have been dating for a while, but looking for new, interesting date activities, a walk in the park allows you to enjoy nature, the birds and dogs being walked by their owners. As you walk, you’re likely to be feeling more relaxed, which helps conversation flow more smoothly.


Pack a blanket and some light snacks for this date. Because it will be after dark, you may want to take a light sweater along, just in case the evening is cool.

Go to one of your favorite destinations, such as your favorite park, a wilderness area or even the beach. Spread the blanket out on the ground, lounge and watch the stars as they come out. Try to find some of your favorite constellations. Again, you’re going to have time for quiet conversation – as well as some other activities – as you marvel over the beauty of the night sky.

Cooking Class for Two

couple_cookingYou’re trying to get to know each other better. It’s possible that one of you loves to cook, so sign up for a cooking class for two. You may have heard of some classes coming up or you saw an announcement online.

As you work on the food the instructor is teaching you to cook, take the time to observe your date as he listens and follows directions. You’ll learn how to work as a team and, when your food is done, you’ll be able to enjoy eating it. If you and your date have already gotten close or are dating each other exclusively, this date idea may give you a chance to sneak in some romantic looks with each other.

Go to a Poetry Slam

This is one of the more romantic date ideas. Ideally, you and your date should already be exclusive because attending a poetry slam will encourage the two of you to think creatively and poetically about each other and your growing relationship.

You may be able to learn of a poetry slam that takes place in your community or in a nearby city. You’ll be able to hear poets reciting their creations into an open mic, so be prepared for the feelings and images the spoken words inspire in you. The poets have written their poems from their feelings and thoughts, so you may be able to hear some pretty romantic, thoughtful or heart-wrenching poems as they are recited. When you go to your place or his, carry the mood home with you and write poems that you read to each other. Depending on the depth of your feelings for each other, this could become a very romantic date.

Take a Historical House Tour

This date idea gives both you and your date or partner a chance to see what each of you likes in a home. Visit the historical district in your community and find a house tour. As you walk through the house, hand-in-hand, comment on what you observe. Listen closely to what your date says about the different rooms in the house or the colors of the wall paint or wallpaper.

You’ll be able to learn quite a bit about your date from his remarks. If the two of you have already begun to talk in terms of a future together, you’ll be able to learn what colors and decorating schemes to which he may be partial.

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