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Minneapolis Dating Scene

Minneapolis Dating Scene

In my humble opinion, Minneapolis is a great place to be single. There is a multitude of avenues to go through to meet people in this day and age. It has now been made so easy to put yourself out there and find the one. You just have to know where to look to take advantage of these opportunities.


Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities Winter Date ideas

Winter Date Ideas 

Winter can be tough when you're looking for things to do.  Although there are several options, it's just not as easy as in summer where we can go for a walk outside almost any time.  Dinner and movies get old so it's important to do different activities with your date so we have have put together a list of the most fun activity based winter date ideas to do in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

Holidazzle Village

November 28th - December 24th

A perfect winter date idea will be this new winter wonderland, it will span two blocks in downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet mall.  There will be many wonders to share with your date including shops, food and other special surprises.  Check out their website for more details as they develop.  Also, while you’re at the Holidazzle Village stop by the Macy’s downtown store for their annual Macy’s Holiday Display, it will be a great way for you guys to warm up after being at the village.

The Depot or Rice Park for Ice Skating

Both of them open in November.  If you and your date like to be more active you can go to the Depot in Minneapolis or in Rice Park in St. Paul and ice skate with each other.  Also, Rice Park has a Winter Wonderland that would be cute to go to after ice skating.

Winter Carnival

January 22- February 1

The traditional carnival takes place in St. Paul every year and is a perfect date idea.  They have various events like beer dabbler and the Grande Day Parade.  Check their website for different events that you both might like to go on a date to.


Bowling can be a fun date, because your doing something physical and can have a little fun competition.  There are several bowling alleys all over the Twin Cities.  Bryant Lake Bowl, Pin Stripes, and Park Tavern are just a few.

Groveland Tap's - Ice Bar

A great place for a first date.  Most of the year it’s your typical bar with specials and awesome food, but during winter it turns into something more.  They create an ice patio, which is very creative and unique.  So if you’re feeling brave in the cold, go for it, it will be a great conversation starter.

Carriage Ride With the Hitching Company

A cute date idea for any time of the year, a carriage ride around Minneapolis if you’re not afraid to spend some money.  Snuggle with your sweetie and see the sites.

Art Galleries around Minneapolis

A wonderful date idea for when it is too cold to do anything else outside.  It’s also a great way to get to know each other better and discuss art.  Minneapolis has three great main art museums to check out including the Minneapolis Institute of ArtWalker Art Center and the Weisman.  They also sometimes have events that could be fun dates.

Local Wineries or Wine Classes

If you are feeling nervous about your date or you just like wine, take your date to a local winery or wine classes during winter. They can be a perfect way to loosen up and have a great conversation.  One such winery is the Du Nord Craft Spirits, which has an upcoming event with City Pages called the First Annual Cocktailian in December.  Also, there are many wine events going on in Minneapolis and St. Paul, during the Winter time, check them out here.


Whether you like to have a date inside or take your date outside and do things during the winter, you can never go wrong as long as you and your date are having fun.


What is a fun Winter date you like to do?  Share it below.