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City Singles in North Dakota

dating service, matchmakers, dating coaches, miami matchmakers, miami dating service, online, colorado dating service, colorado matchmakers, Minneapolis matchmakers, Minneapolis dating service, Fargo is a growing city, with new businesses coming up. That obviously means more places to meet great singles.  What a better city to start dating and getting yourself out there?  Other than going to one of these new businesses, there are also many other venues to go to meet your match. Here at Cupid’s Cronies we want to introduce you to these venues to help you find love.

Fargo dancing couple datingRed River Singles

To start, Red River Singles is a great organization that, “hosts and promotes Dances, Activities, and Events for Single Adults.” They have dances lined up every month for singles.  So be sure to check them out Red River Singles online.




Meetupsman hitting on woman in bar picture

So if dancing isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to meet up with singles around you, while doing something that you are both interested in.  For example if you are interested in meeting more people that are also either vegan or vegetarian, Fargo area has a meetup group for that. This program is also great because it runs throughout various cities. You can get signed up easily on Meetup then it caters to what you like and will suggest meetup groups that are nearby.

Fargo couple bowling dateGoing Out

Another great way to find out about local events is to refer downtown Fargo.  This website highlights great restaurants, unique shopping areas, entertainment gems, and happenings around the city.  There is plenty to do in Fargo that will help you keep meeting singles.

A great source that guides singles to different restaurants, entertainment, and shopping venues is the Fargo City Guide.  They highlight other resources to find out about local and upcoming events.  Also, they make sure to give insight and information on where to go for certain needs.

Fargo is a wonderful area to make sure that you find that certain someone. Going out can be as simple at catching a show at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor or going to Theatre B to catch some great performances. Going out and exploring these local venues is a great way to meet someone. I don’t know about you, but if I met my special someone at a performance, it’s well worth the ticket bought.

Do you have some spots where you meet local singles? Let us know in the comments below!