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Singles Events in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Being single in a city like Phoenix can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many options for places to go and things to do. However, the advantage of being in a big city is that there are oftentimes many events held for people in the same single boat. In fact, there are tons of options and ways to meet other singles; here are just a few ideas that may help you find events that could lead you to that special someone.



Where to Find Single Women in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Meet Women Arizona
Meet Women Arizona

Finding women in a city as big as Phoenix can be overwhelming. With so many options of places to go out and things to do, it is difficult to know which ones will be the best places to find single women. Hopefully, with this list of places to check out, and a little bit of research that should make you feel more optimistic and ready to take on the city, you can narrow down your search and find the woman of your dreams.

First of all, don’t think that Phoenix is just like any other city. It is definitely not hopeless to find the woman you have been waiting for. In fact, according to Time, in 2011, Phoenix was ranked the number one city for single women. This was based on a variety of factors, from Phoenix’s low cost of living, to its sunny weather, and excellent nightlife. We know that 2011 was three years ago, but it is still a very promising find. Not that much can change in three years, right?

AZ Foothills Magazine offers more promising research, stating that in 2013, Scottsdale was named the #1 city in Arizona that single men and women are most likely to want a relationship by PlentyOfFish.com. All the more reason to not be discouraged!

Nightlife was a large factor in choosing Phoenix as the number one city for single women, so it seems only right that we focus on that for the remainder of this blog. With that in mind, here are a few great bars to find single women:


This bar offers up some of the best cocktails in the city, in an extremely elegant and upscale setting. They also offer 45 beers and 40 wines, so there is something for everyone. Plus, it is known for being a common spot for a lot of single women who may be on the lookout for a guy just like you.

The Lost Leaf

This bar offers great live music all the time and a large selection of beer and wine. There is no hard alcohol here, but plenty of single women.

Blue Martini Lounge

This bar has 42 types of martinis, live music and an easy atmosphere to talk and get to know your neighbor. With a little luck, you may meet the woman of your dreams.

Crescent Ballroom

Crescent Ballroom offers live music every day, a lounge with a full bar and a kitchen serving a fantastic menu. So whether you are in the mood for dancing, visiting with people while having a drink or just trying out a new dish, it is the perfect place to be to meet women.


This bar offers the perfect lounge ambiance, with a large selection of beverages. A great scene to meet someone special.

man woman flirting
man woman flirting

The research shows it: Phoenix and Scottsdale are great cities for finding a lovely lady. So stay optimistic, and visit some of these incredible bars your city offers. You will be glad you did!

Have some special places of your own? Let us know in the comments below!



The Dating Scene in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Phoenix Woman on a date Phoenix is a beautiful city, full of plenty of history, culture and great people. However, like any large city, navigating the dating scene can be tricky. With so many neighborhoods that hold a great variety of businesses and types of people, it can be easy to find yourself a little bit lost. With these different facts about Phoenix, helpful tricks to help navigate the dating scene, and a breakdown about some of the neighborhoods in Phoenix, hopefully you can find exactly what you are looking for to help you tackle the dating scene in Phoenix.

Phoenix: A Single Woman’s Paradise

First of all, if you are a woman in Phoenix, you should be happy that you call this beautiful city your home! In 2011, Phoenix was named the number one city for single women by rent.com. This was based on a variety of factors, including singles population, social opportunities, employment opportunities and cost of living. Men should be happy, too; according to the same website, there are approximately an equal number of women and men residing in the Phoenix area. So, make sure to keep this very positive fact in mind if you are ever feeling discouraged about your love life!

Navigating the Dating Scene: Helpful Resources

Meetup.comPhoneix Meetup

One resource that can be very helpful in navigating Phoenix’s dating scene is Meetup.com, which can be a great way to find events that other singles may be attending. After making a profile on the site, you can join various singles groups based out of Phoenix that are related to your interests. Once you join these groups, they will notify you of upcoming events that you then can sign up for and attend. Cupid’s Cronies even has a group called Singles with a Cause that brings singles together who are passionate about doing positive things for various causes. MeetUp is a great way to meet other singles with similar interests in the Phoenix area!

Amazing Singles - Phoenix

Amazingsingles.com is another great way to gain access to various dating groups and clubs in the area. The site has links to websites for speed dating groups, adventure groups and more. It is a good resource to help find groups that offer different ways to meet new people in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

New to Phoenix? A Breakdown of the Neighborhoods:

  • Arcadia Arcadia is a very well-off area where many families reside.
  • Downtown Downtown Phoenix is the business district of the city; it is home to many large corporations as well as centers for culture and the arts.
  • East Side Similar to the Arcadia neighborhood, this area is home to large, upscale residences owned by wealthier individuals and families.
  • Maryvale Maryvale is seen as the rougher part of town; homes are inexpensive and gang violence plagues the area. However, the area is also home to the city’s largest concert venue, the Ashley Furniture Home Store Pavilion.
  • North/Northwest PhoenixPhoenix Couple Hiking This area of Phoenix is home to one of the largest school districts in the state and is also known for the Phoenix Mountains located there . There are also many places to hike and go horseback riding, as well as many private golf courses.
  • South/Southwest Phoenix This area is a little bit tougher, but offers many historical sites to see including Mystery Castle and the San Francisco Xavier Mission.

The dating scene in Phoenix, like in any large city, can be complex, but once you know how to navigate it, it will be much less stressful!

Have some tips for Phoenix residents? Let us know in the comments below! 




Arizona Bars to Meet Singles

Single Women in Miami If you have ever seen the show Cheers, you know that bars are the classic place to meet new people. Bars are a place to drink, relax, and most importantly, to socialize. Here are 19 great bars in the wonderful city of Phoenix:

  1.     Saddle Ranch Chop House This place has a huge bar, mechanical bulls, and even an outdoor fire pit. It is the perfect place to find a meat-eating guy or a girl who loves cowgirl boots.
  1.    Half Moon Sports Grill If you love football, and want a guy or girl who does too, this bar offers great game-day specials and huge TV’s to watch the game while you’re chatting it up with a potential future date.
  1.    World of Beerman woman flirting This bar offers 58 beers on tap, and 500 in the bottle, so if you are a beer lover, this is the place to be. There is also a platform on the second story for bands and DJs to perform.
  1.    Culinary Dropout at the Yard This bar has a 3,000-foot patio that offers games like Ping-Pong, corn hole, Foosball and shuffleboard. If you love the outdoors and games, this place cannot be beat.
  1.    Jade Bar If you are looking for a classy, elegant bar with great views, check out the Jade Bar. It has a floor-to-ceiling glass wall overlooking Paradise Valley, as well as a semi-enclosed patio with a gas fireplace.
  1.    Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill If you love country, this is the place for you. They have live karaoke, DJ’s and live country music.dating service, matchmakers, dating coaches, miami matchmakers, miami dating service, online, colorado dating service, colorado matchmakers, Minneapolis matchmakers, Minneapolis dating service,
  1.    Fez This bar offers plenty of fancy cocktails, and is a restaurant with small plates. It has a very sleek and modern look to it, so if that appeals to you, try it out.
  1.    W Scottsdale Hotel and Residences and Sushi Roku Rumor has it that plenty of famous athletes have been spotted here. If you love a swanky atmosphere with the chance to see some famous ball players, this is the place for you.
  1.    The Shout House If you love piano, this is a dueling-piano bar that also offers tons of food and drink specials- what more could you want?
  1. Four Peaks in Tempesingle people sitting at loungeThis bar offers a huge patio, with plenty of tables to push together if you want to go in a group. If mingling with your neighbor is what you want, this is the bar for you.
  1. Windsor This bar has a great patio, and has been called a more modern beer garden. It has something for everyone, with plenty of wine, cocktail, and beer options.
  1. Durant’s If you sometimes wish that you lived in a simpler time, try out this place. It has dark wallpaper, deep leather booths and servers in bowties; a major throwback.
  1. Last Drop Bar in the Hermosa Inn If you just love a good cocktail, this place has a wide variety to try.
  1. Alice Cooperstown Restaurant If you love music references, but also want to watch the game, servers wear plenty of black eye make-up here, just like Alice Cooper, and the bar has 10 monitors and 5 big screens for the sports fan.
  1. Cadillac Ranch Another great choice for country fans, this bar offers a mechanical bull, DJ’s and live music and an awesome patio.
  1. Blue Hound Kitchen and CocktailsArizona meeting in a singles bar If you are a cocktail snob, this is the place for you, with an award-winning mixologist on staff.
  1. Caffe Boa If you love wine, you will love their extensive list, which can be paired with one of their pastas or entrees.
  1. Canteen Modern Tequila The name says it all. If tequila is your liquor of choice, this place has 100. It also has a DJ on the weekends.
  1. Stadium Club If you can’t get enough karaoke, they have it Tuesday-Sunday nights, along with dozens of TV’s to watch the game.

Just like every individual, every bar is different. Hopefully with these many options, you’ll find one that suits your style.


Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite Arizona bars!