Phoenix Woman on a date Phoenix is a beautiful city, full of plenty of history, culture and great people. However, like any large city, navigating the dating scene can be tricky. With so many neighborhoods that hold a great variety of businesses and types of people, it can be easy to find yourself a little bit lost. With these different facts about Phoenix, helpful tricks to help navigate the dating scene, and a breakdown about some of the neighborhoods in Phoenix, hopefully you can find exactly what you are looking for to help you tackle the dating scene in Phoenix.

Phoenix: A Single Woman’s Paradise

First of all, if you are a woman in Phoenix, you should be happy that you call this beautiful city your home! In 2011, Phoenix was named the number one city for single women by rent.com. This was based on a variety of factors, including singles population, social opportunities, employment opportunities and cost of living. Men should be happy, too; according to the same website, there are approximately an equal number of women and men residing in the Phoenix area. So, make sure to keep this very positive fact in mind if you are ever feeling discouraged about your love life!

Navigating the Dating Scene: Helpful Resources

Meetup.comPhoneix Meetup

One resource that can be very helpful in navigating Phoenix’s dating scene is Meetup.com, which can be a great way to find events that other singles may be attending. After making a profile on the site, you can join various singles groups based out of Phoenix that are related to your interests. Once you join these groups, they will notify you of upcoming events that you then can sign up for and attend. Cupid’s Cronies even has a group called Singles with a Cause that brings singles together who are passionate about doing positive things for various causes. MeetUp is a great way to meet other singles with similar interests in the Phoenix area!

Amazing Singles - Phoenix

Amazingsingles.com is another great way to gain access to various dating groups and clubs in the area. The site has links to websites for speed dating groups, adventure groups and more. It is a good resource to help find groups that offer different ways to meet new people in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

New to Phoenix? A Breakdown of the Neighborhoods:

  • Arcadia Arcadia is a very well-off area where many families reside.
  • Downtown Downtown Phoenix is the business district of the city; it is home to many large corporations as well as centers for culture and the arts.
  • East Side Similar to the Arcadia neighborhood, this area is home to large, upscale residences owned by wealthier individuals and families.
  • Maryvale Maryvale is seen as the rougher part of town; homes are inexpensive and gang violence plagues the area. However, the area is also home to the city’s largest concert venue, the Ashley Furniture Home Store Pavilion.
  • North/Northwest PhoenixPhoenix Couple Hiking This area of Phoenix is home to one of the largest school districts in the state and is also known for the Phoenix Mountains located there . There are also many places to hike and go horseback riding, as well as many private golf courses.
  • South/Southwest Phoenix This area is a little bit tougher, but offers many historical sites to see including Mystery Castle and the San Francisco Xavier Mission.

The dating scene in Phoenix, like in any large city, can be complex, but once you know how to navigate it, it will be much less stressful!

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