The honeymoon phase of a relationship can be very exciting and memorable.  People’s physical anatomy change while in this phase and we believe the other person to be almost “perfect”.  It is a necessary stage to go through, but problems can arise when one believes that it is the only stage of a relationship subsequently setting expectations that are unrealistic.  It also is a beautiful and memorable time, which is the focal point of many love songs and poems.   It is an event that everyone should experience at least once. This beginning stage has actual physical impacts on our bodies.  Something happens chemically to our bodies, similar to a cat in heat or a deer in rut.  You may have seen that video where the little male bird is fluffing his beautiful feathers and does a dance to attract a potential mate.  We humans have our own version of the feather fluffing and dance during this initial attraction period. Our bodies are excited and urging us to procreate.  Our critical reasoning is impaired and we physically change, which makes us take the risk of dating and possibly mating.  We are on a natural high and believe the other person to be flawless.  We overlook their faults and even think the odd sound they make is cute… at least initially. Also, we are probably hiding some of our own imperfections.

While the honeymoon phase is wonderful, there can be too much of a good thing.  Many people constantly jump from relationship to relationship seeking the excitement and are disillusioned about what a relationship is.  They love the chase and are addicted to the one night high. People believe that this Lala Land is real and endless, but this stage will not last.  This constant seeking of the high from a new relationship can be dangerous and risky.  We all know the repercussions from multiple partners or there’s always the potential of never having a life partner.  Enjoy and appreciate it, but wait to make any serious decisions until after you have fully gone through this stage and into the next phase.  Also, recognize that this is just one of the many phases of a relationship and better things are to come if one is willing to put in the work.

While the honeymoon phase can have negative implications if it is experienced in excess, it is also an important phase.  The excitement from the interest, physical attraction, chase, and then hook is really one of the best times of a relationship.  Many would attest that it is a tragedy for those who never get to incur it.  For instance, those who just never had the opportunity or those that had an arranged or pressure induced marriage.  It is a special and fun time in one’s life that all should partake in.

Dating and relationships are full of ups and downs.  It is important to realize that a relationship is not always going to be easy.  Your physical anatomy will eventually return to normal and you will start seeing your partner in a more realistic light.  It is a wonderful chapter and valuable for anyone to experience, but can be detrimental if people never move on to the next phase.  If one is willing to put in the work, great things will come.


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