shutterstock_146603357We have friends, co-workers and family that often fill our lives with laughter, love and companionship.  While we may enjoy the company of these people (on a good day at least), there may still be something lacking in our lives.   It is nothing that can be remedied with buying a present for ourselves or taking a trip.     It is something lacking inside our hearts,   It is romance.


While some may feel finding love is only for young people, individuals seek and enjoy romantic relationships into their 50s. and beyond.   While the basics of dating are similar for all age groups, there are some unique aspects  to those aged 50 and over.


  • Women have a longer average life span than men.  Therefore, there are more single women in the older age groups.    While this creates a more competitive environment for women, it gives men the advantage of having more women from which to choose.  Both men and women should evaluate the competition and do an honest self-evaluation.  Be sure you are making a good impression when on a date or attending any sort of single social events.

  • Do Internet research on yourself.   Many people will conduct an online search to learn more about potential dating prospects.  Make sure there is not false information that may damage your reputation or information about someone with the same name that someone may believe to be you.

  • Take time to learn about the new dating world before going on a actual date.   Take to others who have tried online dating and other  methods to meet new people. There is an abundance of helpful information on the Internet about dating.

  • Online dating sites are an simple way to find a new romance.  Be truthful in your profile. Any lies can be exposed and may ruin your opportunity for a great relationship.  Studies have shown that 1 in 4 profile contain false information.   Do not take what someone says in their profile as the true. Check things out yourself or perhaps ask discreet questions as a way to learn things about a prospective dating partner.  Have your first few meetings in public places. Go with your gut instincts if something seems "off" with someone.

  • Some dates will lead to steady relationships and possibly marriage.   However, you may have to date a number of different people before finding the special someone.    Do not rush into anything and be cautious of anyone who pushes for a commitment soon after the first date.  Take time to learn about potential prospects.  If you do not feel chemistry with an individual, tell them so.  While doing so may seem harsh, it will give both of you another opportunity to find someone more compatible.   Should someone say this to you, do not be discouraged.   View your time spent with this person as a learning experience and move on.


Love is not just for the young.  If you are in your 50's and find yourself single after being part of a couple for many years,  do not give up hope. Many people overcome their initial apprehension about entering the dating world again.  Some find a person to share their lives while others date a number of different people.    But nothing will  happen until you take that first step

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