In the realm of dating, it can be difficult to try something new especially when your comfort zone is…well, comfortable. But sometimes it may be necessary to leave that comfort zone if you intend to find the right life partner through dating. Do consider taking the following steps so that you expand your dating circles as needed. What are you interested in? This does not just mean your hobbies or personal interests – it can also mean your current line of work and other occupations that you have pursued in the past. This helps you assess why your date life seems to have stalled.

Perhaps you only date people who like the same things you do? Or maybe you are only interacting with people from work? If you seem to be stuck in the same rut you may have to consider moving in different social circles to get a better chance of finding eligible people to date.

Do you have a specific belief system, like religion maybe? Not surprisingly, some people are afraid of dating people from other religions. You might be afraid of pursuing someone who belongs to a different religion because you are afraid of what your family and friends may say.

Or perhaps you just don’t want conflict with anyone you date when it comes to life goals based on that belief system. If this sounds like you, it may make sense to seek advice from a counselor in your religious group who understands relationships between two people from different beliefs. Inevitably religion or beliefs can be a deal-breaker or deal-maker especially if you plan on having kids and are wondering which religion or belief system to raise them in.

You might also be stuck in a particular era when it comes to your habits. This means even the simple things about you like your hairstyle, the way you dress, the words you prefer to use, and even the car you drive could reflect how limited your comfort zone is. You may want to ask a close friend or relative if they think your habits need to be “updated”. If yes, you can start examining how your peers seem to have “upgraded” themselves to be more in tune with the times – then start adjusting.

Some people get stuck in their comfort zone because they really don’t know what changes are necessary to be “cool”. If you are planning to date someone who seems to be a bit out of your league, try observing him or her for a while. Check out his or her friends to see why he/she seems to enjoy their company. This is actually a good way to assess if you and your new love interest could possibly be a good match, even before you start dating. You should then check if the changes that are necessary to fit in are really what you believe in yourself. If not, you may have to do some more self-evaluation before you start dating someone who is radically different from you.


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