Ladies, when you’re out on the town and hoping to attract a fellow, remember this old adage: Less is more.  The simplest approach is almost always the most effective.  You’ll be surprised what steady eye contact and a friendly, inviting smile will yield if you’re looking to be picked up at your next social outing.  And be sure to position yourself in an easily accessible location for a man to approach you – no hiding in the corner booth or back in the shadows. If you’re putting yourself out there to meet a new man, and you have an inkling that he might be someone you’re interested in, let him know.  Playing coy can only get you so far and might do more harm than good on the initial meeting.  Subtly implying the prospect of some sort of future intimacy sends the message that dating is something you’d like to do.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You may have conditioned yourself into an all-walls-up persona from a past history of dealing with creeps, but you never know who you might meet until you take the risk.  If you do happen to find you’re not hitting it off with a particular man, tell him so quickly and politely.  Every pot has a lid, so send him firmly on his way with no ill will.

Some guys are gun shy when it comes to making the transition from the initial small talk to asking a lady out on a date.  You can help him along by giving him an opening to confirm that you are interested to spend time together; casually mentioning a restaurant you’ve yet to try or a museum exhibit you’re dying to see are simple ways to nudge him along.

Finally, remember to manage your expectations.  The pickier you are, the less options you’ll have in the long run because you’ll have boxed yourself into a corner of impossible standards.  Like attracts like, so if you want an open and warm companion, make sure you prominently display your own kindness.