Meeting Men Philadelphia
Meeting Men Philadelphia

Meeting men in Philadelphia may seem like a hard feat but it depends all where you look. If you are a single girl looking to meet your match, check out the places below.


With Karaoke, you never know what you’ll hear or who you’ll meet and that definitely goes for Mcgillins. The epitome of a late night destinations with a one-of-a-kind feel, Wednesdays and Sundays are dedicated to karaoke at Mcgillins and it’s nothing short of a great time. Tango , another karaoke spot is also one to try. Great food, location, service and the women who work here are beautiful. Who cares if the women are beautiful? Men do, which men that Tango definitely knows how to bring the men to the bar. With karaoke everything, the options for meeting someone is endless!


If you have a thing for beer and even if you don’t, the brewery is one of the best places to meet men. Yards in Northern Liberties is a great one to try.  If you are into beer you’ll appreciate the short tour of the brewery as well as the few beers you get to try. The dining/sampling area is accommodating for large groups and even if you don’t like beer, they have games to get into that also serve as a conversation starter. There’s also a cafe open during the week as well as awesome food trucks available on the weekend.  2nd Story Brewing Co. is another option and just as great. With really great brews, food choice, ambience and a great location, you never know who’ll end up on the stool next to you.

North Bowl

Men like manly things and the North Bowl is no exception. If you like to bowl or willing to give it a try, grab a few friends and hit up this cool establishment. A great place to bowl and grab drinks and with two floors, you have the option of meeting a plethora of people. The atmosphere is awesome with a   totally retro chic vibe weaved through out the music, the lighting, the graphics and the arcade games. There’s pool tables too so if you’re better a pool or its been a while since you’ve played, there’s plenty of men around to coach you through the game.

Eastern State Penitentiary Tour

Maybe you have never been to jail but there is a first time for everything. At least you won’t be serving time. This enormous prison built in 1829 offers tours of restored cells, including Al Capone's cell, the view from the guard's area looking down the endless rows of cells and the prison synagogue. There’s also stories on the audio tour, recounted by actual inmates, guards, etc., which are equally fascinating. Although the prison is mostly in disrepair that only adds to the experience.  Seeing that mostly men rave about Al Capone, this may be the place to meet a few.


If you and your date enjoy a good old school game with nice drinks, the Barcade  is the place to try. It is exactly what it sounds like, a bar and an arcade. The games cost a quarter with games including Pac Man, Ninja Turtles and Pinball.  A nice and relaxing spot so whether it’s a first date or fourth, the Barcade will definitely give a good time.

Escape the Room

With 60 minutes to figure out the clues to escape the room , can you do it in enough time? A fun and challenging twist on mystery, this place demands strategy and focus. Whether you go alone or with a few friends, you still may be paired with strangers to help unlock the clues. No telling who you’ll meet. If you’re up for a challenging good time, stop by today.

What about you? What places do you venture to when you are looking to meet men? Let us know below.

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