Where to Meet Singles in Miami

Miami is the perfect place for singles to reside. With great nightlife, a warm climate and plenty to see and do, it would seem as though it could not get any better. In spite of all that, though, it may seem as though being single is not all it is cracked up to be. Not to worry, though; Cupid’s Cronies is here to give you plenty of ideas on places to meet other singles in your area. And if you happen to meet the match of your dreams, then so be it!

heart pasta share food
heart pasta share food

Further Your Hobbies and Explore Your Interests

It may seem obvious, but sometimes bars are just not the best places to meet people. It is hard to tell whether or not you will be compatible with someone just by looking at them and seeing what they order to drink. Instead, follow your passions. Like art? Join a pottery or drawing class. More of an adventurous type? Try a surfing class or go on a camping trip for singles. Passionate about food and wine? Take a cooking class or take part in a wine tasting. By signing up for things that interest you, you will be more likely to find someone who puts value in the same things. Plus, it is a lot easier to strike up a conversation with someone who is also struggling to get up on their surfboard or make that soufflé than it is when you know nothing about them.

group of singles
group of singles


MeetUp.com is a site that we talk (and rave) about a lot here at Cupid’s Cronies. It is such a great resource for singles. Just by searching the term “Singles” near Miami, it comes up with numerous groups for singles, including ones for certain ages, ethnicities, religions, interests or life situations. By simply making a free profile, you are then able to join any group you would like. Once you join, they notify you of events coming up that you can then choose to attend. This is a great resource for finding singles in your area!

how to attract your ideal man
how to attract your ideal man

Great Singles Bars

We know that we dissed bars in the hobbies and interests paragraph, but sometimes, if you choose the right one, they can be a great place to meet other singles. Here are a few bars that are well known as being great single spots in Miami.

Mokai Lounge This lounge is the ultimate A-list spot, and for good reason. It has a great dance floor and is open until five AM, giving you plenty of time to find that special someone.

Bougainvillea’s Old Florida If you love live music, this is the spot for you. It has a more laid-back atmosphere, and has candlelit tables inside and a tropical patio outside.

Nikki Beach Club Miami This place has a ton of shopping and activities to do during the day, and a huge beach, great nightclub and upscale restaurant/lounge. What more could you want?

Being single in Miami is not all bad. With these tips, you will be well equipped to dive head first into the single scene.

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