The question every single man should ask himself.  What are women looking for in a man?  Dating has become a more and more difficult process as people continue being busy.  Many men have no idea what their counterparts are looking for in them for long term relationships.  Here are a few guidelines of what attributes women are attracted to:


A woman is attracted to a man who is both financially and emotionally stable.  An emotionally stable man will guarantee a you a smooth relationship since he know what he really wants.  Financially stability is also important since women want to feel security that their husband can provide for them if needed.


A man with ambition is one who knows where his life is and where he wants to be.  Such a man is good for building a future with him since he is organized and has a plan.


Generally women are the primary communicator in a relationship and are looking for someone who is capable of not only listening, but can communicate his thoughts and opinions as well.  This is one thing that men find it hard to accommodate since many are brought up in a culture where it's not acceptable or common for men to express their feelings and is perceived as womanly.  If a man really wants a particular lady for any serious relationship he has to learn how to be a listener as well as a communicator.


A man who has a low opinion about women is not a man suitable for a long term relationship.  If you have had experiences in the past that have made you lose respect for the female gender, get some help from a counselor or read about such issues.  There are a lot of good resources out there that can help you.

A man of his word

No woman likes a man who never keeps his word.  Follow through with what you say and be a responsible and honorable individual.  Such a man never takes anything seriously and it is difficult to build a future with him.


A man who understands the importance of loyalty and faithfulness is a man who treats women with respect and holds them with high regard.  Have some morals and integrity.  It will go a long way.  

Admits shortcomings and focus on improvement

Taking responsibility for one's actions is a very good attribute for a man to have.  Being a man, you have to lead by example and by accepting your mistakes and apologizing for them is setting the best example for your lady.  Ladies get turned off by men who constantly deny their mistakes and can never apologize.  Also, we are all a work in process.   Strive for constant improvement and god things will follow.


A spontaneous man can often be perceived as fun and sexy.   A man who spices things up and takes his woman to different fun places and also engage in outdoor activities is one who makes life interesting and less boring.

He does not allow friends to be influenced by his friends

Most guys have friends who have lots of opinions about dating.  A woman wants a man who can stand on his own feet and does not conform to everyone else's ways.  All in all, relationships are between two people and one can never use the friends’ strategy in a relationship to make his work.  Communication is key for both the man and the woman if their relationship has to be successful.  Voice anything that is appropriate tactfully and be careful not to blame.  It's always better to solve it between you two without involving third parties.