You’ve been on a first date with a new gentleman, and you’re just not feeling the connection.  Your first impulse may be to cut and run, but sometimes you owe it to yourself and the man in question to hang in there for another date or two.  Keep it simple so as not to heighten anyone’s expectations.  Often times, the best people can make the worst first impressions; whether it’s due to nerves or external influences, sometimes the slow burn is there if you just allow yourself the time to be open to it.


On the other hand, if you’ve been on multiple dates and are still not feeling the potential for a satisfying relationship, you’ve reached that uncomfortable point of having to break things off.  Though this process can be awkward and painful for both parties, it’s best to tackle the situation head on – treat others as you’d like to be treated, with honesty and respect.


This means answering the phone when the gentleman caller you’re not so interested in gives you a ring.  Have the integrity to take his call and gently break the news.  A more comfortable way to frame things is to take equal responsibility for the lack of connection.  Instead of saying you’re not interested him specifically, perhaps take the tact of offering sincere thanks for the good times you’ve had on your dates but emphasizing that you both deserve the chemistry that’s just not there.


Remember to be honest and straightforward.  If you don’t over-think it and keep your anxiety at bay, it should lessen the blow and allow you both to move forward easily in finding new love.