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Online Dating Profile Tips

Your dating profile is going to be your first impression. That may seem like a lot of pressure but with the help of your matchmaker, and these tips, you can get a great start on offering potential matches a window into who you are. These tips will help you to represent yourself in the best light possible, while still being your authentic and honest self.

Cupid's Cronies Announces New Name Change

The branding concept behind the name, Cupid's Cronies, was premised on fun, cute, and memorable. We have since evolved our service into a successful results focused service. With this achievement, comes change. We are excited to announce our new name LUMA, which stands for Luxe Matchmaking.

Should I call him?

This is the question women ask themselves regularly after meeting a guy whom they exchanged contact information and promises to reconnect.  The answer is... it depends. There are two key factors to getting him to call and most importantly, not really worrying about it.


Keeping It Real While Dating

When dating, we can have a variety of intentions - having fun, getting laid, getting into a relationship, or finding someone to marry and have babies with. If we feel either that we can’t have what we want, or that it’s hard to get it, then even with the best of intentions we can go into dating trying to be someone we’re not. We can start to show up as who we think we should be in order to (hopefully) succeed in having what we want.