Are you having a hard time meeting or attracting the right person?

We can help by giving you a professional perspective.

As Dating Coaches and Experts in the dating field, we speak with singles every day about what they are looking for. By sharing that information with you, we can provide you with the insight and tools you need to be successful in attracting the right match.

Many of our clients are new to the dating scene and some have had experience, but just aren’t getting the results they’re looking for. Some are younger and haven’t really made dating a priority while some have been married for 20+ years and are just relearning the ropes.

Our Experts at Luxe Matchmaking can help you to put your best foot forward and learn the art of attraction to know what to do when you meet that great person you want to date.


Below is a list of the various steps in our Date Coaching process:

Step 1

1) A Dating Coach will meet with you to get to know you and understand what you are doing in the dating arena.  We have about a two hour long interview where we go through a series of questions to help us understand your dating history, what works, what doesn’t, etc..

Step 2

2)  Your Coach will give you “assignments” and things to implement/change in your life in order to help you go in the direction you desire.  They will provide you with ideas and suggestions on how to improve your odds.
Such advice may include Physical: hair, style, clothing, posture, teeth, eye contact, etc., Emotional: books to read, therapist, meditation, etc., or Dating tips: how and where to meet other singles, what to say or do, etc.

Conversation and flirting skills are also some topics that can be covered with your Dating Coach.  It’s important to know what to say and how to interact with singles you’re trying to attract.  We can help you to improve your skills and feel confident the next time you’re out meeting singles.

Your Coach may make you a Pinterest page with wardrobe or hairstyle ideas to help you put your best foot forward or they may just go with you and pick out clothes and talk to the Hair Stylist or Make up Artist.  It just depends on you and what you need.

For example, for one client our Dating Coach, April, met with her client to do the initial interview, which took about two hours.  Right after that she took him to the salon next door and told the stylist what to do, then she and the client drove to the mall and picked out a couple of outfits (on the sales rack) and shoes for his upcoming dates.  The next step for him was to go on a “Pseudo date” with one of Luxe Matchmaking.  The information from the pseudo date provided April with real feedback on things that he could do differently to help improve his chances for success.

We deliver this feedback to you in a written format and go over it when we meet.  We want you to have something physical for you to refer back to and help you to be accountable to yourself and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Step 3

3) We may also help you to revamp your online dating profile if that’s something that works with you and your method of meeting people.

Step 4

4) You’ll meet and have monthly check-ins to see your progress and assess what’s working or not and make changes accordingly.  Also, clients are able to call, text, or email their coach throughout the month to ask questions or just get an opinion on something.

This is an ongoing process and it takes small steps to make big changes.

Rome wasn’t built in a day after all 😉 We want to go at your pace and ensure you’re not overwhelmed and intimidated.  Of course, many things will cause you to step out of your comfort zone, which is necessary to make changes and get different results.  After all, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The programs are highly customized and the program options are listed below where you can purchase directly via PayPal.  It really depends on you and what you’re trying to accomplish.  Your Dating Coach will work with you to create a plan that caters to your needs.

Get ready to make real changes in your life and be in a great relationship.  Contact us today at 1(855)622-8743 or info@lumasearch.com .