Do you ever wonder what A woman looking at online dating profiles information to include on an online dating profile (or what to leave out)?

Perhaps you want some advice on how to attract the kind of man/woman you want to meet.

Understanding that the online dating world can be a rather daunting and confusing experience, our Luxe Matchmaking love experts have developed an Online Dating Profile coaching service to aid you in your quest for love.

This date coaching service is unique in the fact that our experts give you the option of editing your existing profile, or simply writing a brand new profile for you! Our focus is to customize your profile in a way that conveys your authentic self, and that represents you at your absolute best.

We work with you to encapsulate your genuine qualities and convey them through your profile. Your opinion is highly valued by our experts during the profile renovation process, and ultimately your satisfaction and success is our end goal.

Our overall objective is to aid you in attracting the kind of person you desire, all while coaching you through any questions or problems you face in the online dating scene.

After you complete an informational questionnaire, one of our Matchmakers will conduct an in-depth, personal interview to gain an understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a match.

After our Matchmaker interview, we provide a customized, personal profile and/or bio for you to use on the dating site of your choice. We also will aid you in choosing the right kinds of pictures for your profile, and will guide you on the proper etiquette and techniques for online dating.

Trust us, we know it can be treacherous out there in cyber land – Let us do the hard part for you.

You should be getting wined and dined, enjoying the experience of dating. NOT sitting at your computer for hours, trying to decipher content for your online profile.

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