The “Wingman” is not a “Pick up Artist”. The Wingman is a Dating Coach and his/her goal is to help you enter a long term relationship and not just a one night stand. We give you the information you need and guidance necessary to put your best self forward and we’re by your side the entire way since we will accompany you and help break the ice on conversations with men or women.

Before heading out for a night on the town, a Wingman or Wingwoman will meet with you personally to discuss what kind of man or woman you are interested in meeting. Also discussed are the barriers you need to overcome to be more apt to meet men and women with ease. Our professionals will show you ways in which to spot men or women who are looking to meet people in your setting. They will show you cues to look for in finding people who more match your personality.

We mentor you on how to carry yourself in social setting to make sure everyone in the room knows you are there. Teach you how to walk a room sparking interest, leaving men and women alike wondering, “Who was that intriguing individual”? The art of meeting people takes time and skill to perfect. We have many diverse ways of working with our clients individually to overcome any social fear they may have and instead, turn it into a power house!

What makes this service uniquely stellar is the ability of our professionals to work with you, not for you. We find out what your fears may be, what is preventing you from the success of meeting that one individual you’ve been dreaming of. Fears are a main objective of preventing you from the desires of your heart.

Many people think it takes clever lines or being a super model to pick up anyone. The truth is anyone can pick up anyone. More often than not, good looking people end up leaving alone. Why? No one ever approaches them or the people that do, lack any form of tact or class whatsoever. The secret we teach you is, it’s all in your delivery. Let us coach you on how to carry yourself with poise and confidence executing that commanding presence. Fears of walking up to anyone and easily carrying on conversation, fears of insecurities and rejection. We can achieve these goals in multiple ways.

See Wingwoman, April Davis, in action in the news segment below: [content_block id=5913] With over 15 years of experience in coaching our clients in these venues. Our success rate is unparalleled. Call us today and let’s get you on the fast track to making your personal dream come true.

We will show you the art of body language and teach you how to keep that commanding presence. You have already made an impact on the room with your initial entrance and the way you walked the room with confidence. We know as professionals, the importance of how you interact with everyone, because at this point, people are going to be wondering who you are and why everyone is giving you full attention. You are setting the stage for the rest of your evening success.

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