What’s your success rate?

~80% – We have been able to find committed relationships for almost all of our clients because:

We have an open database that is free and has thousands of people from which to choose, which allows us more options when selecting the right match. Also, we can literally walk up to someone we see at the gym or walking down the street and give them a card and explain what we do. This is actually a very effective way we have found new clients.

We’re good at what we do.
We don’t just take everyone as a client. We screen people before agreeing to search for their match to ensure we can do a good job for them and that their expectations are in line with what we can achieve.

How many clients do you have?

The Matchmakers individually have about 15 to 20 active clients each at any given time. This does not include our inactive Clients who are dating someone.
We have 10,000+ people in our Network to choose from when finding the right match for our clients.

Why are you so successful?

  • We approach Matchmaking from a wholistic approach. We will not only do the work to bring our Clients the special someone who is perfect for them, but our Clients receive a variety of Coaching support to ensure they have their best foot forward in order to improve their chances for success.
  • Passive Member Option – Thousands of singles have already joined our Private Database. This gives us a plethora of options when looking for just the right match and if we don’t have the perfect match already, we can go find them. Most dating services only match their few clients with other clients. We know you’re unique and need to leave our database open for any relationship-seeking single to be considered.
  • Private Search Service – We meet with everyone we match in person and get to know them and who they are looking for, conduct Background Checks, then put our Matchmaker intuition to work. Our complete, unique, & proprietary strategies perfumed with a touch of technology gives you the best chance to find love.
  • Quality vs quantity – We work like headhunters and diligently search for the right one The First Time. Who has time for a bunch of useless introductions?
  • Coaching – We work with you and provide Date Coaching, Advice and Feedback before and after the date to ensure you put your best foot forward.
  • Not Just Dinner – It’s your future, and we are dedicated to getting you in a long term relationship. We host non-profit fundraiser Singles Events and spend a lot of energy planning an Activity-based Date to keep it casual, fun, and not feeling like a dreaded interview.

We are good at what we do. We have a team of diversely trained professionals with powerful Matchmaking tools. Our passion in our mission to bring couples together for all the right reasons coupled with our Coaching techniques support them for a strong, healthy, and successful relationship.

What other Services can you provide?

We now offer many different services besides Matchmaking:

  • Date Coaching, Assessment and Advice
  • Online Personal Profile/Bio and Advice
  • Professional Photos
  • Image and Wardrobe Consultant to help you look your best
  • Singles Events
  • Newest option: Wingman/Wingwoman to help you meet someone more organically

What’s the advantage of becoming a client versus a passive member?

Those who pay to become a client will receive VIP treatment from their very own Matchmaker and Dating Coach. We will go extra mile to actively search out only the best matches and set you up for your best shot at love.

The passive membership will enter you directly into our database to be potentially matched with our commitment minded amazing people we represent. But you are not promised a match and we don't look for matches specifically for you.

Our clients gain the advantage of a more intimate relationship with our premiere matchmaking professionals and are guaranteed introductions from their Matchmaker.

What's the ratio of men to women?

It varies of course, but our clients are generally around 60% men and 40% women.

What age groups do you work with?

We have had clients as young as early 20’s and had one as old as 82.   It’s a mix of all different types of people from all different backgrounds.

What do typical clients & people in the passive member network look like?

* Our database has thousands of singles of vast diversity and stories. We have the variety of women you would find walking in a mall, bar, church, or events. 
* As we are an upscale Matchmaking firm, we do attract the more high-class and elite singles. We have staff that spend their days sifting and weeding through our database of singles to protect this integrity. We also recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and someone else’s ’10’ may be more of a ‘7 or 8’ to you. We work hard introduce singles of the same caliber. We network in the appropriate circles to continue to feed our database pipeline with such quality. 
* Some clients have one foot on each coast, and want to date in multiple regions. Others are high profile and require a unique approach to protecting their privacy, and consequently screening/prepping the singles prior to introductions.  
So, there is no “typical” client or recruit to answer your question. 

Why would I choose Luxe Matchmaking?

* We have just under a 90% success rate that our Clients walk away a year later in a relationship with someone we’ve hand-picked based on criteria to ensure likelihood for not just strong attraction and compatibility, but also for relationship longevity. 

* We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

* I encourage you (you likely have at this point) to do some 3rd party research. There are so many pseudo-matchmaking services out there with horrible reviews. Probably the most popular ones out there. They are franchised and their model only matches clients with clients. We have cast a wide net to capture thousands of singles to increase the pool of potentials for clients.  We don’t slap people together to see if they stick. We do the work with systems and personal attention to each connection. Like you said, you get what you pay for. 

*We cannot share with your a sample of our database. We protect the privacy of not only our Clients, but also all candidates. Having such transparency will never be an option for us. Our model works, we stand behind it.

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