Living in a small town and feeling like your dating options are running a bit thin? Just moved to a small community where you don’t know anyone?
We know how to help.
Whether you identify yourself as a rancher, farmer, rural community dweller, or a country folk, we are the personal dating service for you.
Since the creation of Luxe Matchmaking, we have helped countless singles find love. But not just in large, metropolitan areas. We have a unique, and very personal connection to small towns and rural communities as well.
Just ask our Luxe Matchmaking founder, April Davis! April understands the difficulties that singles face in an area with limited options. In fact, she grew up in rural Minnesota herself (that’s her in the picture)!

“I grew up in an area three miles from a small town with a population of 600. I always joke that I used to have to import my boyfriends!”
April Davis
Founder & President of Luxe Matchmaking, Luxe Matchmaking

April and our Luxe Matchmaking team understand country living; hunting, motor sports, fishing, farming, etc. and our team can relate well to people from these areas. Utilizing this understanding, we have successfully matched dozens of singles living in rural America and searching for love.
Our matchmakers are excellent networkers with proven success in their methods of analyzing compatibility. Allow us to network in your area and help you to find the perfect match.
We strive to mach singles based on values, personality, compatibility, and of course, attraction.
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No matter where you live, we can help to introduce you to your future happily ever after.

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