Why are we different?

In almost all other matchmaking services, clients are confined to choose from a small pool of potential matches, consisting of only other members of that particular service.

That sure doesn’t sound like a lot of variety to us.

At Luxe Matchmaking, we understand that our clients have individual and unique tastes. Why should our clients be confined to only other registered members?

With this in mind, we created an enormous database, consisting of wonderful singles,

 who are able to be passive members and submit their applications. Our database is composed of singles who are looking for love, but are not deterred from signing up because of membership fees or hassle. This enables us to network and search through an extensive pool of potential matches to bring you closer to finding the one.

We choose from the best of the best.

With our exclusive Luxe Matchmaking services, you will have the ability to meet more people and enjoy more success in your love life.

Does the television series Millionaire Matchmaker sound familiar? Well, we may not be on BRAVO, but our services are similar in several ways…

The clients we take on are not required to be millionaires, but we take great pride in accommodating our clients with the most upscale, elite services available.

We do this by offering not only matchmaking, but also a variety of other services such as a dating coach, being accompanied by a wingman or wingwoman, image consulting, and much more.

Not only do we offer the most abundant selection of potential matches, but we also work personally and diligently with our clients to ensure that they are prepared and at their best for any dating situation.

Allow us the opportunity to get to know you by calling us today at 1.(855).622.8743 Or, join our Client Program so we can proactively search for matches for you.
Fill out our Passive Member Form so we can add you to our database. You’ll get a call from one of our matchmakers if we have the perfect match for you!
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